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#1 supergeekgirl on 7 years ago

Hey ya'll! I'm doing a panel on pockets (how to do different types of pockets) at CC30, and I'd love to get a little help running it. Is there anyone who would be interested?

It would be nice to divide up these types of pockets to teach, so if there's a specific one you want to talk about, let me know.

Patch pocket
Flap pocket
Box-pleated patch pocket with flap (specifically for all the military uniforms)
Welt pocket
Double welt pocket
Slit (set-in) pocket
Trouser seam pocket
Hidden seam pocket

#2 trixyloupwolf on 7 years ago

hug!! good luck ( i would but imam super awfull yet to do them ^^::: hehe)

but yeah if i have time ill try to go listen ( if i understand anithing haha!! iam more a visual person ^^:: but yeah fun pannel )

trixy <3
ps: iam hosting none yet ^^::::; cause i would have to bring too many thing with me ^^::

see ya there friend <3

#3 von Drago on 7 years ago

Yeah, I'm probably not doing any panels either. I agree with you, Trixy - it's kind fo too far to bring stuff plus no one's really interested in what I have to say anyway.

#4 trixyloupwolf on 7 years ago

ya iam also french haha so make it hard for other to understand a lot of my talking hahah!!
but someday ill be good someday o well i still can dream on right ^^
i know a lot of stuff but rarely all know hehe!!!
but hey ill go and join you we could talk toguetter hehe^^ i like to listen to anithing you say ^^ hhehehe <3 love ya nya!!