River Song's Day of the Moon Cosplay Help

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#1 RachaelEB on 7 years ago

I'm hoping to attend Anime Central this upcoming Spring and I'm looking to do River Song cosplay from Day of the Moon. I've seen a lot of pictures of the dresses online both cosplay and screen shots and it seems to be a fairly easy outfit that is also easy to put together...however I have encountered and issue.

The actual All Saint's Zeeda Dress sells only comes up to UK12, and I'm a US 20 (obvious problem). Finding the belts and things will be easy enough, but this dress is becoming a real issue to find. I'm not looking for the exact thing, but something close enough to look right in photoshoots.

Can anyone suggest a retailer that might have similar dresses? Or even people who I could commission?


#2 Saerrix on 7 years ago

I'm not very helpful here, but I'd appreciate it as well if someone knows what to do about that dress....

#3 dbchan on 7 years ago

I've noticed a similar style popular on modcloth lately, that gathered hemline. Most of them are button dresses but are a little similar.

Among them are Craft Party dress, stone ground grits dress, mid morning mist.

Modcloth is a little weird with their size though. They have multiple vendors and some cater to larger sizes without advertising it whereas other put it in the name and some just don't at all.

#4 sandysuicide on 7 years ago

Hey guys! I've recently been able to make this dress for a comission and it looked pretty well in mmy opinion, im waiting on pics from my client if anybody is interested, im selling these on my etsy store, just look for river song day of the moon dress and you'll find me!

#5 OhHiAndie on 7 years ago

Hmm... well, I haven't spotted any exact alternates lately, but, there are a few stores that seem to be repeat offenders when it comes to heaving look-alikes for Who costumes -- you can check out ASOS or Forever21.

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