Pacific Mall Gathering [Feb. 24th and Mar. 3rd]

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#1 chicken_lover on 11 years ago

Once again, thank you all for coming March 3rd to Pacific Mall! I'm sure everyone had a great time there today! Thanks to all the attendees who made this all happen! On behalf of KazeChan and I, we would like to thank you for making this raid a success =D.


[U]Picture Links for February 24th:[/U]

Blaze1662001: [URL=" Feb 24th/"] Mall Feb 24th/[/URL]

Blade Tiger:
[URL=" Events/P-Mall/Feb 24 2007/"] 24 2007/
[URL=""] Mall Gathering Feb 24/[/URL]

[URL] Mall/Feb24/?start=all[/URL]

[URL] Mall Raid 2/[/URL]

Blaze1662001's friend:
Kawaii Akina:

[URL] Mall Gathering - Feb 24th/[/URL][U][B]

Video Links For February 24th:[/B][/U]

Round N' Round I Go - chicken_lover

KazeChan and DKSan square off! - chicken_lover

PMS Conga Line - chicken_lover

pmg24 - BlueTachi
[URL=" Mall Gathering Feb 24/?action=view&current=pmg24.flv"][/URL]

pmg24029 - BlueTachi
[URL] Mall Gathering Feb 24/?action=view&current=pmg24029.flv[/URL]

[U]Picture Links for March 3rd:[/U]

[URL] Mall/March3rd/?start=all[/URL]

[url] Mall Gathering - March 3rd/[/url]
Video Links For March 3rd:[/B][/U]


Yes, this is yet another Pacific Mall gathering xD. Everything went real well last time that KazeChan, Tsukasa69 and I are going to do it again!


Here's some directions if you plan on going to Pacific Mall on either or both days.

[U]If by public transit (TTC)[/U]

- Take the subway to Finch Station (on the yellow subway line) and ride bus 53 A or B (Ask the bus driver before riding ><. Never hurts to ask.). You should see the big building on your left that says 'Pacific Mall' on it. It's almost hard to miss.

[quote= Blade Tiger]I'm pretty sure you can take the 53 E as well. It's an express bus, too, so if it does stop at Steeles and Kennedy, (and I'm almost certain it does,) you'll get there a bit faster.[/quote]


- Take the subway to Kennedy Station (on the green subway line) and ride bus 43 (do not take 43B. That takes you east.).

[U]If by car or other related transportation[/U]


Use this map. Pacific Mall is located on the grid co-ordinates 17 G.


List of people going:

[COLOR=Red]Kawaii Akina
[COLOR=Red] TsUkAsA69[COLOR=Red]
[COLOR=Red] lainey
Lord Kira
[COLOR=Red]Alexia Ishtar

[COLOR=Red]Red: Maybe --- Black: Certain


[B]Meeting Place:

[/B]Time: 11:30am - 1:30pm [B][meet-up]
[/B]1:30pm - 6:30pm+ [B][fun time =D]

[/B]The meeting place will be at the very same corner where we met on the first Pacific Mall gathering. This will be near the 'SOUTH' of the building.

From there on, we can split off into small groups and walk around Pacific Mall and the building adjacent to it (Yes.... it exists =D).


Have anything interesting that you want everyone to do? Please PM either, Tsubasa69, KazeChan or me and we'll talk it over.


Please do bring:
- Costumes [Preferred but not needed]
- Cameras [To take pictures, of course]
- Money [For food, drinks and such]
- Yourself [xD...]

Please do not bring:
- Big huge weapons [And we mean it.]
- Anything that'll get the security guard's attention. [This too...]

#2 parminderini on 11 years ago

I'm attending on the 24th!
Not sure yet about the 3rd as of yet.

#3 Blade Tiger on 11 years ago

I'm definitely coming on the 24th and definitely not on the 3rd.

[QUOTE=chicken_lover;1729716]- Take the subway to Finch Station (on the yellow subway line) and ride bus 53 A or B.[/QUOTE]

I'm pretty sure you can take the 53 E as well. It's an express bus, too, so if it does stop at Steeles and Kennedy, (and I'm almost certain it does,) you'll get there a bit faster.

#4 ekk_amanda_ on 11 years ago

I will probably be there on the 24th.
March 3rd is up in the air lol, all depends if my parents already have something planned >___< they like to make plans without telling me.

#5 VickyBunnyAngel on 11 years ago

wow twice in a row eh. Is it possible to move the March one to March 10th instead? I probably can't go to the one in february, since I went to the one on Feb 10th. I might be able to go in March if it was moved to the 10th >.> lol but I know everyone wants their back to back dose of cosplay and pmall.

#6 Kawaii Akina on 11 years ago

i'll most likely be coming but i still gotta see this wednesday about my work for if i'm working on feb 24th. so put me down as maybe's for both! lol

#7 KazeChan on 11 years ago

Hope you can all come <3 thanks for posting this chicken_lover =D

^.^ *runs around* this time guys, my camera WILL work.

This used to be Fairview (for the 24th) sooo o.o yeah..XD

#8 Kawaii Akina on 11 years ago

Yeah I was wondering what happened for fairview. But definately pmall is closer for me so I'm most likely going to come if work not invovled lol

#9 BlueTachi on 11 years ago

I shall be going along with Parminderini, and hopefully Nitasha too^^for the Feb 24th.....still not sure about March 3rd.......I might want to agree with Vicky on the March 10th thingy....cause Im not sure if im up for bak to bak dose of Pmall....especially cause my family is gonna get suspicious....
(I usually never do anything/go out alot, so if they see me leaving this much.......they might mis-judge me)

#10 Nitasha on 11 years ago

n_n I can most likely make the Feb 24th one. A friend might be dropping us off, but if not, Tachi, Parminder and I will be going there via TTC.

=P I most likely CAN'T make the Feb 3rd one.

Lookin' forward to this already ;3

#11 Otaking97 on 11 years ago

Bah! MTAC is the weekend of the 17th-18th. I wouldn't come out to a meet a week before MTAC. Infact MTAC will likely be the only thing I do in March. I'll consider the 24th as I have for a while. But I have to see about switching shifts first.

#12 Nitasha on 11 years ago

Boo on you, Otaking =P Anyways, I hope you can come *smiles innocently*

xD Hopefully this time everyone can stick together a bit more or at least for lunch since that experience would probably be freakin' hilarious.

#13 Alexia Ishtar on 11 years ago

Hmmm its a week before M-Tac...but I might see if my friend and I can make it. v^.^ for the March one anyway

#14 Blaze1662001 on 11 years ago

I can definetly come to the Feb.24th one but i don't think I will be able to make it to the mar.3rd one.

#15 TsUkAsA69 on 11 years ago

Every one knows i wouldn't miss this for the world (unless there a chocolate chip cookie invalved) lol Count Zee TsUkAsA Chan in^_^