NDK 2011 Pictures, Stories, and Missed Connections

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#1 Ace_of_Tarot on 7 years ago

Anything you wanna say about NDK 2011, put it here! Got pictures you want to share? Want to find some of yourself? Any stories? (Try to warn people if the stories are inappropriate for ages 13+. Is there some person you want to find again but missed getting a name, number, etc. for? Who were you cosplaying? All that stuff can go here.

#2 Chimarie26 on 7 years ago

I'll be honest when I say it wasn't the best NDK, I found last year's to be far more enjoyable...

I couldn't find the photoshoot schedule until Sunday so I missed quite a few that I wanted to see...

My friends and I also learned... There is NO microwave in the hotel no matter what they tell you over the phone. We called the hotel to make sure we'd have appropriate food [that we'd be able to prepare and whatnot] and were told there were no microwaves in the rooms, but there was a public one we were free to use. We get there and on Saturday night [we either ate nothing or munched on munchies til they ran out], my friend and I asked about the microwave in which one lady pointed us in the direction. An hour after searching, we returned and then a different person replied with "We don't have a microwave, sorry"...
Yeah... But once again, that wasn't a NDK problem, more of a conflict with the hotel...

On a brighter note, though!
I enjoyed seeing all the little kids dressed up, it makes me smile to see baby Inuyashas and tiny little Kiki's and Ponyo's~
I was also thrilled to see my friends that I made in the past cons and, of course, new faces!
Everyone's so friendly and the atmosphere itself always makes me want to stay much longer than just 2 1/2 days.

Overall, it was pretty awesome aside from minor con troubles and the hotel things.
I look forward to New Years, now!

And I'll get a link for the pictures I took, sometime~

#3 Ace_of_Tarot on 7 years ago

On the note of photoshoots, I only made it to one, and that was the hardcore yaoi one on Saturday. If you want pictures of that, I've got 'em.
I've also got a bunch of pictures from Friday and a few from Sunday.
The only pictures I got taken of me were on Sunday, which was when I was in full Black Butler Sebastian cosplay(Saturday I was in partial black butler cosplay in the afternoon and was Nekozawa in the morning, but we did get some photos when my Ciel and I got into a dance off in the lobby with another Ciel and a Lizzy) and was randomly asking people to dance. If anyone has those, I'd love to see them. I believe I got a bunch taken of me and a Grell I was hanging out with here and there.
Other than that... how was everyone's con?

#4 ~Alandra~ on 7 years ago

This was my first NDK.. Im only used to the smaller ones, so it was a rather large step up for me. I'd have to say besides for the occasional pushing around when things got crowded.. people were generally nice. I was cosplaying Clare from Claymore those 3 days, didnt stay at the hotel.. though I will be staying next year. I didnt go to any of the photoshoots but I did get A LOT of random pictures with a lot of different people. Just mostley used this year to kind of get the basis of the convention. I only went to 1 panel, but I did get all the autographs I wanted. XD Met some cool new people, awesome costumes! No complaints.. Despite the dealers room being PACKED.. but I ended up hitting it an hour before they were closing it down, so it seemed like the best time for deals, an not many people there anyway. I will be going again

#5 dalbkino on 7 years ago

This year was awesome! I had a lot of fun! Here's the pictures i took. Feel free to tag yourselves and your friends. :)

[url]http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/sets/72157627665943900/[/url]

Part one -> [url]http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150296942429755.341816.668259754&l=fd018cc0f9&type=1[/url]
Part two -> [url]http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150297052274755.341839.668259754&l=abd4c96892&type=1[/url]

I had a blast at this years NDK and am Looking foreword to next year! I got about 280 pictures. that's a lot more than last year.

#6 rainbow-rin on 7 years ago

Does ANYONE have ANY pics from the Yaoi/Yuri photoshoot? thnx! ^.^

#7 ManiacMarshall on 7 years ago

I was drunk as hell.

Also, I hate you all.

Fu<k Colorado.

#8 SA2R on 7 years ago

So I also posted this in the fourms~ but I am looking for the other Kusuriuri cosplayer. I went as Kusuriuri Friday night, and I saw her as Kusururi Sunday morning. I really want to get a hold of her, and ask her if should would be interested in a prop I made for Free X3! Kusuriuri cosplays are so rare ;A;

And @ManiacMarshall: I am hoping I am not out of line when I say~ I am not liking your sense of humor bro =m=q

#9 Bean Boop on 7 years ago

For sure not the best one for me. Besides 2009, it wasn't the awesome NDK party I had in 2010 and 2008 that I was expecting and hoping for. The even number years, (2008, 2010, and hopefully 2012) always seem to be the best for me. :sulk: Also, I love seeing people cosplay the same characters as me, but this year and 2009, I plan to do something that wasn't done before, then BOOM, everyone else does it. Again. The even numbers are better. (I'm so weird and supersticious right now.)

#10 Kitsurubami on 7 years ago

I had a much better year this time around, this was my 14th NDK. I spent most the time with my friends cosplaying as Patty and Liz from Soul Eater, next time around I'm doing Death the Kid so we can have all three.

#11 sanriah on 7 years ago

I had fun this year but not as much as the two previous years. It seemed that it was way too crowed considering they were supposed to be putting an attendance cap on this year, the lines were ridiculous my friend wanted some voice actor autographs, we were bit even able to get in the first day and waited hours, the second day we had to arrive over 2 hrs early and we barely got in only to learn that the one she was looking forward to the most had been scheduled wrong and had already left, because of this we had to miss the AMV competition.
I did however have a lot of fun and really enjoyed my friend and I's cosplays this year hers especially was quite ornate (all those hand painted flowers on ai's kimono from hell girl still give me nightmares) I didnt hav to deal with any crappy microwave issues thank goodness, the hotel we stayed at was the one across the street from the main hotel we've stayed there for the last 3 years and hav always had a good experience there

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