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#1 blef2008 on 7 years ago

Hello! A few people took my boyfriend's and I's photos at Thursday 2011 SDCC, so if you saw us, please share any photos you might have :) I'd love to see them!

We were a Dexter cosplay, and I was wearing a saran wrap dress.

#2 ashi ketchum on 7 years ago

I was a Big Sister from Bioshock2 (although my prior posts while making it and other about a gathering were likely a dead giveaway). After hundreds of dollars dropped on it and months upon months making it, much of it got ruined in the suitcase on the flight. What didn't got ruined by people in the exhibit hall running by me and violently snagging everything. To top off my joy of wearing this, I was also pretty sick while in it and started having chest pain with it on atop all the prior dilemmas (it included a corset with pleather material over it... the material over it allowed for less ability to breathe.) That said, after all that work and effort, I had the costume on for an entire hour. A majority of people took pictures while it was falling apart. I'm sure any pictures snagged are horrible, and I'm sure I wasn't much better as I felt (as aforementioned) awful, but I'd love to see if anyone has them! I know they're out there, but there weren't as many as usual since it was on for such a short time. I'd also love to see them because if they're horrible, I can personally convince you to delete them! :p This costume will see the light of day properly at some point, but now just was not that point. In fact, this attempt completely reminded me why I never cosplayed at Comic-Con, despite the amount of years I've attended. Meanwhile, I wouldn't mind seeing what was taken of me!

#3 Dat Ginger on 7 years ago

Yeah I was really stupid and didn't bring my camera to COMIC CON (way to go, self)


That's moi >_>

I'd appreciate it sosososososososo much if anyone who took photos could post them <3

Thanks in advance


#4 evodev on 7 years ago

I figured this would be easier to post all inquiries in than in individual threads :)

I cosplayed as Illyria on Friday and Saturday and had a few snaps shot, let me know if you took a picture of an asian girl in a Illyria costume (looks like a 1 piece reddish/blue skin tight suit)

#5 deadpool790 on 7 years ago

Hi I was Angry Bird Man Please let me know of any Pictures you see of me it would be greatly appreciated :D

#6 Mizuno Hadouken on 7 years ago

Hi everyone... If anyone has pictures of the following, please send over or let me know... thanks!

Preview Night: Metal Gear Soldier with ? over head
Thursday: Ryu, Street Fighter
Friday: Metal Gear Soldiers with my friend with ? and ! over head
Saturday: L with mask from Death Note Film
Sunday: Blue Ryu Hayabusa from Ninja Gaiden

#7 Poody on 7 years ago

Thursday/Satuday -[URL="http://a6.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc6/250387_10150266738148901_594393900_7477340_8057524_n.jpg"] Flynn Rider from Tangled[/URL]
Friday - [URL="http://a5.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc6/185527_10150266735708901_594393900_7477319_2852436_n.jpg"]Birdo from Mario Bros.[/URL]
Sunday - [URL="http://a8.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc6/283156_10150266746913901_594393900_7477413_4227921_n.jpg"]Terence from Tinkerbell[/URL]
E-mail: [email][email protected][/email]

#8 AuroraKaganshik on 7 years ago

Thursday: Terra Branford. FF6
Friday: Princess Neptune [same as icon]
Saturday: Updated Terra with Relm
Sunday: Sweet pink lolita, with white wig

#9 Hilly on 7 years ago

Hello! Hoping to see if anyone got our pictures!
Thursday: Rikku and Yuna from FFX2 and Zora Tunic Link from Ocarina of Time
Friday: Ashley, Ada (with no wig so she was blonde), and Leon from RE4
Saturday: Sailor Moon and Sailor Mini Moon.

Thanks!! :)

#10 Rinoa07 on 7 years ago

Thursday: Poison Ivy (green contacts, with a medical satchel)
Friday: American Mcgee's Alice (with knife and bandaged wrists)
Saturday: Jessica Rabbit (I was carrying my medical satchel with me, and walking around without my heels on a great deal of the time)

I didn't cosplay Sunday ^_^;; But any pics people have would be greatly appreciated!

#11 Oh!Bunny on 7 years ago

Thursday: Sailor V and a Splicer from Bioshock
Friday: Hank & Dean from the Venture Brothers
Saturday: Finn & Fionna from Adventure Time
Sunday: Scott Pilgrim & Ramona Flowers (in the dress from book 6)

I know we did some very common characters, but you'll recognize us because my boyfriend is almost a foot and a half taller than I am!

If you got our picture or happen to see it around the web, please let me know! It was our first comic-con and cosplay event so I'd love to have lots of pictures to share with our friends. Especially if have any candids!


#12 E. R. Laurell on 7 years ago

Hoping to find pictures of my friend and I~
Friday; Vriska Serket and Dave Strider ( Homestuck )
Saturday; Shinra Kishitani and Celty Sturluson ( Durarara!! ; basically girl in a black catsuit with a yellow motorcycle helmet and a guy in a labcoat lol )
Sunday; Shannon and Beatrice ( Umineko no Naku Koro ni )

#13 KH_fanGirl_SW on 7 years ago

I went as Emma Frost (White Queen from X-Men) on Saturday. I had the jewels stuck to my face. Please let me know if you took my picture! I was usually seen with an "American Dream" (my mom was dressed as her- most people thought she was female CPT America) and "Sim" character (my sister was a Sim dressed in all black with a diamond over her head).

Please let me know if you took pics of any of us because my mom doesn't go on this site and she would love pics!

Thank you!

#14 blef2008 on 7 years ago

I haven't found any photos of me and my bf yet, though a few people took photos...

Dexter (tv show) -
him: kill shirt, black apron and cloves
me: saran wrap dress w/ face cut

I'd love to see them if you have any :]

#15 sweetheartattack on 7 years ago

I was the Lady Gaga with the bright purple leather jacket. I'd really love the pictures! Thanks in advance. :)

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