Saiyuki Gathering 2010

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#1 Ginryuu on 10 years ago

[COLOR=black][U]Saiyuki Gathering 2010![/U]

Location: Fountains in Front
Day: Day 1, Friday May 28th
Time: 5:30pm
Saiyuki Poker: 5:00pm
Saiyuki Dinner: After gathering

I'm bringing Saiyuki Gatherings to Fanime! Here's what I'd like from you guys to make it a tad easier on me.

Preferred Day
Preferred Time

Please keep in mind the large gatherings. Competing with them would probably be a bad idea at this stage. I may put up a poll later if it becomes necessary. I'll also be co-hosting with D001, who can just be called D.

I also have a brilliant plan I like to call [U]Saiyuki Poker[/U]. What's going to happen is I'll be supplying the cards and the chips and 15-30 minutes before the gathering Saiyuki Poker will commence. It'll give us something to do while waiting for latecomers and such. I was thinking Texas Hold'em, but I'm open to other poker versions too.

Here's a link to the Fanime forums: [URL],12954.0.html[/URL]

Also, Fanime will be taking group pictures during the Gathering/Event this year. If you do not want to be included in those pictures please step aside for those photos. By remaining with the group when the pictures are being taken you give your consent to be photographed.

[U]Hakkai[/U]: Ginryuu, Tokio Amarfi, Blowstix group a, Haku_Zoi (past version, aka: Gonou)
[U]Sanzo[/U]: Blowstix group b, bunnyasha's friend
[U]Goku[/U]: Blowstix group c, Haku_Zoi's friend a (past version), bunnyasha, ranma12
[U]Gojyo[/U]: VakarianPride, nakedsnake, Haku_Zoi's friend b (past version)
[U]Hazel[/U]: KachieChan, kimu, Blowstix group e
[U]Gat[/U]: Asumaruu
[U]Lirin[/U]: Willow17, Blowstix group f
[U]Dr. Nii[/U]: nakedsnake's friend
[U]Kinkaku[/U]: Blowstix
[U]Ginkaku[/U]: Blowstix group h
[U]Koumyou[/U]: myalchod
[U]Random Minion[/U]: myalchod's sister
[U]Ukoku[/U]: D001 (with Bunny as Bunny)

Current total: 24

#2 myalchod on 10 years ago

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, Saiyuki! :D So glad to see the two of you trying this out! Regardless of turnout, I'm sure we'll have an awesome crew and an awesome time.

Preferred date and time = NO FREAKING CLUE. Bleach and Trinity Blood are, at present, my two gathering conflicts, and I'll take a wild guess that you'll be working rather closely to avoid conflict with the latter, at least. Perhaps we could do it on Friday or Monday, since Saturday/Sunday seem to be the busy two. I appreciate Not Morning, if only because somehow it always takes me twice as long as I anticipate to get into costume. <_<;;;;;;

As for what I'll be showing up as, it's still technically a secret as far as the boards at large are concerned ... even if most of the folks who'll be posting here probably already know. *smirk*

#3 Ginryuu on 10 years ago

Alright. I'll keep not-so-secret cosplay secret. And you don't need to worry about those two gatherings. I'm going to try to find a time that doesn't conflict with Bleach, Trinity Blood, Gurren Lagann, Rurouni Kenshin, Naruto, One Piece, Final Fantasy, Zelda, Hetalia...really anything with a large following so that people who might be interested don't have an excuse to not show. Of course, the gatherings that people plan on attending will get top spots over other large series.

#4 D001 on 10 years ago

Yay! :D I just PMd you, but I'm posting here, too ^_____^

Er...which character...I have no clue. I only have three finished Saiyuki cosplays as of right now with plans for another definite and two-three more possibilities...*Hakkai laugh* I'll decide later when we know what character turn out we'll have :D Probably my Super Secret Saiyuki Cosplay TM, but we'll see :D

TB gathering, of course, is a conflict, which isn't anymore, since three out of three will be at the TB :D I'll probably be at the FFVII gathering, but not if it conflicts with this one. I can't foresee any other conflicts for me.

I'd agree with the not morning. Lunch-time to night would be my vote, otherwise I'm would mean I need to show as Gojyo, then, huh ~_^

Anyway. :D

Fanime thread link: [url],12954.0.html[/url]

#5 kimu on 10 years ago

Once I get my cosplay choice picked out, I'll join in, too!

As for day/ yet another of the Bleach and TB crew, I'm in that same situation with all of you so far, so that'll make it easy.
We can pick day and time when it gets a bit closer and the big gatherings set their times.

#6 BSaphire on 10 years ago

Though you will find that you can't please everyone I would like to suggest the following so that you will have an idea when NOT to schedule:

The NO's:
Friday10 am - 4 pm Most people are still traveling, checking in, eating, getting home from school/work.... wondering why they aren't at Fanime already and that it sucks they aren't there :P

Saturday: This has been Cosplay Masq day in the past... working with that just do yourself a favor and forget Saturday.

Sunday: better than Saturday, but really crowded with stuff.... you can have it on the concourse at 7 pm... though B & W ball, Yamaga's Party and Music Fest have been during that time in the past and I don't know about 2010... (:P To name a few :) So maybe leave Sunday alone...

Monday: The GOSH IT's OVER! well not quite, but peeps will be rushing to check out, get dressed, and meet up... suggestion after 12 Noon but before 4 pm (that is when it is all said and done!) Main thing besides peeps checking out of their rooms is everyone wants to scoop the last minute deals in the dealers room, are stuck battling it out in video games, or saying their goodbyes :( and for some of us *giggle* that takes a couple of hours.

I guess my suggestion would be on Friday late afternoon. :) But don't plan that far in advance. For now just get peeps listed that are interested and wait till after January before setting anything in stone. Sides... time slots don't open till after the first of the year and the biggest gatherings will have first choice of time no matter who has pm'd me with what, they are first because they are huge events and take many cosplayers/photogs/and space so it makes it hard to keep your peeps :)

Good Luck

#7 Ginryuu on 10 years ago

D, kimu...I'll just put you two under 'undecided' for now. Let me know when you have a costume set so I can move you to 'it's a secret' or 'sanzo' or whatever.

BSaphire: Thanks sooooo much for the input. I'll definately keep all that in mind and wait for everybody else to finish running over each other before picking something.

#8 KachieChan on 10 years ago

I'll sign up~

I'll be attending as Hazel, with my girlfriend ( name Asumaruu) as Gato/Gat.

#9 Ginryuu on 10 years ago

Alright, you're on the list.

#10 D001 on 10 years ago

Score!! It will be awesome to see the two of you there as Hazel and Gat!

I've got the Fanime thread updated as well.

BSaphire - Thank you so much for the advice! That certianly helps. And yeah, I think we'll be patient and like Ginryuu said, wait for the big gatherings to figure things out first ~_^

#11 D001 on 10 years ago

Score! That will be so awesome! :D

#12 Ginryuu on 10 years ago

*runs around in spastic circles* Kinkaku and Ginkaku!!!!!!! OMG, I am so stoked.

On a side note...If I end up being the only person from the main Ikkou there...I'm going to laugh so hard.

#13 kimu on 10 years ago

Just back from NDK where D and Charis with the background support of Ginryuu have helped me select my future cosplay of Hazel.
(Because it fits with their current stuff better for photo op/cosplay fun, and for me it will be an easy enough costume I can be sure to complete by Fanime around some other major projects.)

#14 Ginryuu on 10 years ago

*flails* I was with you in spirit (and through the phone satellite signals).

I'll add you to the list! Looking forward to this.

#15 D001 on 10 years ago

*flails as well* Eeeee!!! I can't wait!! ^__________^

Still have to decide on what I'll be doing...gosh, that is way way way difficult, because I could attempt to do Gat, or I could go as Ukoku or I could debut my Super Secret Cosplay or... there such thing as too many Saiyuki cosplays? ^^;;