Shinto priest pattern

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#1 InuYashasKeeper on 10 years ago

Dose anybody have the url for a site the sells shinto priest patterns? I've looked all over and cant find one. My friend is doing Kantaro from Tactics in his "exorcism robes" can someone help me out please? She dosent belive in patterns but i've told herr your gonna need it for this one.

#2 The Hag on 10 years ago

She doesn't "believe" in patterns? What, like, she doesn't think they exist? XD Honestly, I don't understand this attitude some people have of "patterns are evil". But your friend may be in luck, I don't know of any patterns either so she may be forced to put her money where her mouth is, so to speak.

I don't know who Kantaro is (a reference pic is advisable), but if the robes are actually like a real Shinto priest's, then I'd recommend that she (or you if you're the driving force behind the project) do some research on traditional Japanese clothing in general and Shinto robes specifically. Google is your friend. All Japanese clothing is basically rectangles, bands and folds so it actually shouldn't be that hard to do without a pattern if you can find some good descriptions of the garment.

#3 InuYashasKeeper on 10 years ago

not a great pictures but i hope this might be some help. theres also people on here that have done that cosplay too.

#4 The Hag on 10 years ago

Looks to me like really bloused split leg hakama and kind of a funky tunic. It's hard to tell what he's wearing underneath. But yeah, I doubt you'll find a pattern, but there are lots of sites with instructions for making traditional Japanese clothes. Check in this thread here:

You can also look in the anime section to see if there is a Tactics thread - if not, you can start one. It also looks not un-Inuyasha/Kikyo like so you could also look in the Inuyasha thread

good luck!