Kingdom hearts

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#1 Finalformsora02 on 6 years ago

How many of you are cosplay as kh characters? I'll be master form sora

#2 ManaXKnight on 6 years ago

I'm going to AMA this year with my Roxas from Kingdom Hearts II cosplay. Just let me know and I'll meet-up.

#3 Demyx on 6 years ago

Hopefully gonna throw my Dragoon Nobody costume on for a couple hours at some point.

#4 Kerushii-Chan on 6 years ago

If anyone cares, me and my friend are going as Namine (her) and Kairi (me) And I have 2 other friends going as Axel (probably) and Roxas. c:

#5 ManaXKnight on 6 years ago

I was there. I took pics and so did others. I was Roxas...and most everyone should know which.XD