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#1 MiaMokona on 6 years ago

This page is to post any positive and negative feedback about your past hotel experiences.

Double Tree 2012

-you get a warm, delicious chocolate chip cookie when you check in
-troll use are available for luggage
-the front desk staff and attendants are wonderful and pleasant and really seem to enjoy the con-goers!

-The security staff by the elevators is rather rude and ridiculous. Me and my mother (an avid con-goer herself) were heading up to our hotel room. We only got 2 room cards when we checked in so my mother and step-mother each had one. My mother showed him the key card and we proceeded to an elevator when he physically put his arm aroind my shoulder telling me I couldn't go. Neither I, not my mother, take kindly to staff touching us in any unneccessary way. She explained I was her daughter and we were in the same room. He said I wasn't allowed up to my room. She then rushed me past and proceeded to tell him that he was ridiculous. The DT shouldn't charge for more than 2 key cards if each person much show one.

-on the Sunday, checkout is earlier than the end of the con, so we asked if there was a place we could store out luggage for several hours (as we had previously at other hotels). Th front desk directed us to a place at the end of the hotel. When we arrived there a rude staff member told us it was a $2 charge per pag/parcel ($2x4 people's luggage + cooler +cosplay items = expensive). We had not been told there would be a charge by the front desk so we were rather upset. The man was extremely rude and detogatory towards us as well. We had no otger option and paid for our luggage storage, but our luggage was not tagged PT even put into a room. It was messily clustered together with other's luggage and could easly be stolen or mid-taken. We complained to the front desk who was calm and kind and promptly sent down a manager to deal with the disgruntled worker.

-the Saturday night, I couldn't sleep so I walked aroun the hotel and managed to find a quiet hallway, which I sat down in and began to play on my phone. A worked then began yelling that I had to get up and I couldn't be around the regular hotel areas. He asked if I was a guest there and told him yes I was, to which he told me he didn't believe me and to move or he would call security.

#2 ShinobiXikyu on 6 years ago

I've got two I can post from 2011 and 2012;
2011; Raddison hotel
Pros; HUGE suite rooms, small fridge, interesting layout for the bathroom that gives you a sort of hallway with a large mirror and second sink- great for getting cosplays on when you're sharing a room because you're not all jostling for the bathroom.
Cons; To be honest, I have none. The only bad thing that happened to us wasn't related to the staff in general or hotel policies. (There's a reason it sold out in TWO DAYS last year...)

2012; Doubletree Hotel
Pros; Free delicious cookie, as stated above, pool, lots of other amenities, right on top of the con since it's in the same hotel, staff are very friendly (although we generally only deal with them at checkin and checkout. We keep the Do Not Disturb up all weekend to avoid any possible mishaps with staff and our cosplay stuff or money)

Cons; TINY rooms! Their King bed is a short Queen at best, and not enough blankets (we had a room party on Sunday, totalling seven people in a quad room, annnd there was hardly enough space- two people sat on the settee, one on the arm of it or on the floor, three across the bed and one in the one armchair). Also very small trash/recycling receptacles. The key-card elevator security is there for a reason but a pain, especially if you're carrying things. Or (no, I do NOT condone it, FYI) if you intend to put extra people in your room- at the DT, it's not happening and like hell you'll have room.

#3 seiryuux on 6 years ago

Mariott 2012

- Nice rooms with a big bed. Can't say much else because I didn't really use any of the other facilities.

- Minor one: my friend and I ordered a cot, but it wasn't there the first night so we shared the king size bed, which turned out to be fine. When we did get the cot, it a lot bigger than I was expecting.
- It's a good 20-30 minute walk to the TCC and DT, and in a blazing summer day like with earlier this year, it can be very brutal. Especially since I was helping my artist friend carry lots of stuff to artist alley each day.

#4 LuluHime on 6 years ago

Crowne Plaza 2011

- Good price
- Not to far from the con (if you take the hill short cut but going around takes forever)
- Close to Boston Pizza & Jack Astors (food is good yall xD)
- That damn hill! Well its not the hotels fault of course but DAMN the location!
- The one time we stayed there we constantly got bothered by room service for towels and stuff but at least we got clean towels like every 40 minutes XD
- REALLY small hotel room! fit 2 queens beds but there was absolutely NO room for our luggage and the bath room is REALLY small as well. Barely could fit 3 people into the room with all our luggage.

#5 Rainbowgasm on 6 years ago

Years Stayed: 2010-2012 (and booked for 2013)

-HUGE rooms (I dont usually stuff rooms but 2012 we didn't have a choice and got 6 people with a tonne of luggage (Nominochi) in with no problem)
-separate 'beauty' area from bathroom with HUGE mirror (4 people can do makeup all together at once)
-huge King bed (3 people can sleep on it if you want) AND pull out
-staff was pleasant and respected the sign on the door of not wanting anything changed, and though we were asked about it as we left the room all days, when we said no, they respected that...

-not a lot of counter space outside of the long vanity counter for the mirror, in fact, almost none
-no sink IN the bathroom (I dont know about you guys but having to open the bathroom door without washing your hands is NASTY, I have been tempted to use/ask the others in the room to use the tub tap to wash hands before leaving the bathroom)
-checkout line on Sunday is INSANE (stood in it for over an hour in 2012)
-no/VERY SMALL room for luggage check (booked one of my rooms for Sunday night just so we can store everything in 2013, the other 2 will be checked out of at 9am or earlier)
-service can be slow Sundays and sometimes they don't have their story straight (2011 the toilet stopped flushing around 4am, called and asked to get it fixed, was told guy would be in a 8am, 8:30 no one, so called again, told they didn't start til 9 on Sundays, 9:30 no one, called again, told they didn't start til 11 on Sundays... finally about 11:15 someone showed up... meanwhile I stayed in the room to make sure I didn't get charged for anything because of this... checkout wasn't an issue however as by the time we got out every one else was pretty much checked out)
-only 2 check out/in desks, resulting in the above check out insanity...

Overall: A- it has a few flaws but for the price and size and location its amazing and I fully understand why its sold out so fast each year... I dred booking for 2014 because it gets sold out faster each year, any faster and it will sell out BEFORE the previous years con!

#6 jukebox on 6 years ago

[u]Raddisson[/u] (stayed in 2008 & 2010)
+ Spacious rooms
+ Most comfortable and warm beds of the hotels I've stayed in
- No pool
- Line up for check-out is a really long wait

[u]Holiday Inn @ the 401[/u] (stayed in 2011)
+ More calm, quiet pool
+ Cleaning staff are very attentive and friendly. I forgot my glasses in the room at check-out and when the staff came in to clean, they found them, kept them in a store room for safekeeping and the front desk were able to get them back for me very quickly.
+ Close to Perkin's, which is affordable and delicious
- Perkin's staff can be awful. We had dinner there on Friday night and our waittress was patronizing, aggressive, got people's orders wrong and then completely ignored our table, and then got mad and insulted some of us as we were leaving.
- Baggage check is unattentive/irresponsible. Someone I know checked a bag of his photog equipment on the Sunday, explicitly asked the staff to treat it as fragile, and got the bag back with the front end smooshed up
- Bathroom was incredibly small
- The bill for our hotel booking ending up being more than the charge we were quoted and the staff were refusing and rude about our attempts to raise questions about it

[u]Doubletree[/u] (stayed 2012, will be staying 2013)
+ Delicious cookie at check-in
+ Pool with slide and spacious hot tub
+ Very yummy cafe with really friendly staff!
+ Convenient to get to con
- Rude security at elevators
- Rates seems a little steep given the rooms are kinda small
- It can be really easy to miss out on things happening across the highway because you're so close to the main part of the con. Also it's a longer walk to more reasonably-priced sit-down dinner food like Jack's and BP

#7 Chipface on 6 years ago

+huge rooms that can comfortably fit 6 people(just don't let them catch you with more than 4)
+right next to the TCC
+mini fridge
+best bang for your buck compared to the other hotels around there
+vanity is separate from the bathroom so you can do your makeup while someone else is taking a dump
-no pool
-pullout couch is uncomfortable

[U]Holiday Inn @ the 401[/U] (stayed in 2011)
- The bill for our hotel booking ending up being more than the charge we were quoted and the staff were refusing and rude about our attempts to raise questions about it

Was the rate significantly more? I booked a room for me and my gf with a cheapass con rate. Hope they don't screw me over with a higher rate.

#8 WARPAINTandUnicorns on 6 years ago

F*** I've almost stayed at every hotel in the direct area.

Mariott stay 2 times 2003 and 2008
- Nice rooms with a big beds in both single and double rooms.
- standard bathroom
- nice looking hotel and location for photo's

- long walk if you don't have a car. (If you have it car it great!)

Crowne Plaza 2 times 2004-2005
- Decent sized rooms and nice beds
- standard bathroom
- good price rates
- have a pool

- That damn hill as well!

Sheraton Toronto Airport 3 times 2006, 2007, and 2009
- Decent sized rooms and nice beds
- standard bathroom
- nice looking hotel and location for photo's
- Part of AN lineup
- have a pool

- The bridge if your in a hot heavy costume.

Raddison 2 times 2010-2011 (thankfully got 2013 as well)
- Nice layoyt for a suite rooms
- small fridge
- with separate vanity area in the bathroom
- full deck
- bedroom area with fold out couch.
- one plush chair for someone to sleep in (we had a friend that it was to late to commute back home so he crash in that chair lol)

- high demand last year didn't get a room because it sold out in weeks this year it sold out the day after AN.
- line up for check-out is a long wait (I get there early for that reason)

Holiday Inn Airport - East 600 Dixon Rd. 1 times 2012 (after reno)
- Nice rooms with a big beds in both single and double rooms
- standard bathroom
- separate vanity/desk area
- polished looking (been in the room before 2012 and it looks totally different lol)
- have a pool

- a bit of a walk but nothing terrible I go their again if the Raddison books out completely.
- line up for check-out is a long wait (I get there early for that reason)

Never bothered with Doubletree because I seen how small the rooms are. lol

#9 ZombiiAxelBlitz on 6 years ago

Double Tree (I've gone to this hotel almost every year I've been going to AN, so the staff know my mum and I really well. If this seems a bit biased, I'm sorry.)

~ Cookies! Can't go wrong with that.
~ Most of the staff are really kind and will help when they're needed.
~ We always get a room facing the convention, which is nice because I loke to people watch when I'm taking a break.
~ The cleeaning lady respects our privacy and also always ssays good morning/night to us.

~ The elevator security guy. I understand he's trying to keep out the riif raff, but he could be a lot nicer aboutt it.
~ ELEVATOR FOUR. At AN 2010, I got stuck in that elevator in the middle of the night. I managed to pry the doors open and get out and the hotel had a repair guy there an hour later. Still avoiding that elevator though.
~ Check n times are wonky. This year (2012), the previous people in the hotel room took an extra hour to leave, and they left a huge mess. Our check in time was 12 noon, but we ddidn't get in until 2:30pm.

Over all, the DT is alright. We don't mind the small rooms since we don't really bring that much stuff or have more than 3 people in the room. Plus we usually get the 11th floor, which is one of the quietest floors in the hotel.

#10 jukebox on 6 years ago

[QUOTE=Chipface;4570395]Was the rate significantly more? I booked a room for me and my gf with a cheapass con rate. Hope they don't screw me over with a higher rate.[/QUOTE]

I'm honestly not sure because I wasn't the one with the credit card. =X But it would be best to research what your legal rights are as hotel guests and what they can and can't do, just to see whether any cost jumps are legal or within their rights.

#11 Kaijugal on 6 years ago

I'm glad there are fans of the Sheraton Hotel because that's where we're having Costume-Con 32 in 2014. ^_^ During Anime North I always stay at the Doubletree for it's proximity to the Masquerade venue, but I do like the Sheraton very much myself.

#12 Shannynn on 6 years ago

I booked at room for 3 people at the Marriott for 2013, and they told me it is $139 per person each night, not $139 total per night (which would be divided up so each person pays equal). Can any of you tell me if the person on the phone was wrong, or if it really is $139 for each person each night?

#13 ShinobiXikyu on 6 years ago

I think that sounds like if it were a two-person room- usually at the convention rate they add an extra 15-20 on per person per night. I'd call back to double check, personally.

#14 uzuki54 on 6 years ago

[QUOTE=Shannynn;4576914]I booked at room for 3 people at the Marriott for 2013, and they told me it is $139 per person each night, not $139 total per night (which would be divided up so each person pays equal). Can any of you tell me if the person on the phone was wrong, or if it really is $139 for each person each night?[/QUOTE]

While it wouldn't hurt to double check, it's probably a mistake made by the person you were speaking to. I've booked a room for 4 at Marriott (Courtyard), and the email confirmation I've got says it's $125 per night (not counting taxes) with a $30 extra adult fee.

#15 Shannynn on 6 years ago

Doubletree (most years from 2005-2011)
+ several con activities, including some highlights, take place there
+ convention shuttle bus stops there
+ the masquerade takes place here, so it is very convenient for cosplayers with big, bulky costumes
+ pool, hot tub, and waterslide
+ big warm delicious cookie when you sign in
+ highly convenient for staff and volunteers with most of their duties in this hotel
- strict policy on room parties
- small rooms
- elevators constantly getting jammed
- check-out Sunday is awful, for a variety of reasons. For one thing, waiting for an elevator (check-out as early as you possibly can, like between 9-10:30, to avoid this). For another thing, you usually have to walk all the way to the other end of the hotel through the crowds with your luggage if you want to use the baggage check.
- staff at elevators can be rude
- during key hours, the lobby of this hotel is so crowded that you'll barely be able to move around
- check-in can go really slow, depending on when you arrive. If you arrive Thursday, it may not be bad, but if you arrive anytime after noon on Friday, you may be waiting a long time...

Radisson (2011)
+ of all the AN hotels, it's generally agreed that the Radisson is pretty much the best deal in terms of how much you're paying vs. what your getting
+ huge rooms (most are suites) with very comfortable beds
+ right near the convention
+ a couple of events take place here, such as Cafe Nocturne and Club Aurora Zero
+ many con guests stay here... sometimes, you see them standing around outside before the con starts
+ highly convenient for staff and volunteers who have most of their duties in this hotel
- check-out Sunday can go very slow
- no pool
- check-in can go slow, depending on when you arrive
- typically the first hotel to sell out of rooms, often within a week (or possibly less) after the previous Anime North.

Sheraton (2012)
+ decent-sized room
+ pool and hot tub
+ many con events (Yaoi/Yuri North, gaming, Doll North, various workshops, etc.) take place here
+ the con shuttle bus stops here
+ bed is comfortable, at least
+ highly convenient for staff and volunteers whose duties mostly take place in this hotel
+ Manga Library is in this hotel... this can be useful if you are someone who likes to read before you go to sleep
- my room mates last year mentioned one of the sheets on the bed being made of the same thing as the shower curtain
- expensive

It would be useful if more people had reviews for hotels which are further away, seeing as the people who are just booking rooms right now are probably going to end up in them.