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#1 CosplayerKirito on 5 years ago

Hey guys,

So I want to get in shape again. Since the skateboarding season ended back in September (Northern Alberta. Too cold to skate without serious injury) I've put on a few pounds. Not much, just enough to be noticeable. I now have a job that stops me from going to a gym, due to being out in the middle of nowhere being a Camp Attendant for a bunch of rig heads. (Oil riggers) So, my biggest goal is to get in shape so I'd look good in something as slimming as Kirito's costume from SAO.

A real waypoint for me would be to get to be able to successfully crossplay, because the major crossplays I want to attempt is Asuna, and a few others whom names have escaped my mind.

So, that being said, what would I need for a workout regiment while I'm at camp? I can't take a morning jog down the logging road, because it's a private road, and very small. One vehicle would demolish me. We also don't have a gym in this camp, so if I could get tips to begin, I'd be glad to wake up at 5 am for a half hour to 45 minute work out before I start work.

Any help would be appreciated.


#2 12WolfZ on 5 years ago

I am a firm believer that if you're working out your muscles on a regular schedule and eating right, you will see some results. For myself personally, if I just cut my diet, I can lose 5 lbs in 2 weeks easy. But, I eat like a Spartan even before the cut, and it does hurt. I'm not sure how much control you'd have over food at camp. I'd really try and watch what I eat tho, every little bit helps. What goes in is just soo important.

Here's what I do: Right now, my shoulder has been killing me for 2 months and I'm scheduled to visit the sports medicine clinic. I don't go to a gym atm simply because I don't feel confident in the left side of my body. Also, the only thing that will drive me more crazy than not working out my left arm; shoulders and pecs at home, is going to a gym and having to limit how I develop a routine there. So I have a 20 lb weight that I use in my apt. and I do arms, pecs and my one shoulder in three day cycles (I run every other day tho) - 3 exercises a piece all with that one weight. I do a set of pushups before and after completing each routine. I'd probably do the same with pushups. It's not really really going hard, I really think you need a gym to kill it and stuff (but maybe I'm just not the next Tony Horton).

Are you sure about not being able to run anywhere? It's just that important to the equation, in my opinion. I have a hard time believing that if you really wanted to run, that someone couldn't direct you to a decent stretch somewhere. They should encourage that. Stay as active as possible tho and if you have some control over when you eat, I'd try to make a schedule that matches when you eat and when you'll be active. That's the best I can do with what I think might work. I'm still working on losing my micro-pounds without being in a gym everyday, too. I feel ya.

#3 CosplayerKirito on 5 years ago

Great tips, and to answer the last paragraph,it's not that they don't encourage it, because they do. It's that the road isn't safe, and we're literally dug into the side of the road just enough that there's parking, room for the incinerator, the mobile camp(it gets put on stabilizers due to uneven ground) and the trash sea can. With the amount of snow, I'm not going into the bush to take an hour run during my 5 hour break. I'd sink. Lol

#4 Roseathorn on 5 years ago

Jump roping is effective as running and it doesn't need as much space.

#5 CosplayerKirito on 5 years ago

I wish I had a rope to do so. Haha, As said, I'm very limited here as to what I can do.

#6 ilafatyu on 5 years ago

Jumping jacks? Seems about the same and doesn't require a rope.