Confusing and Complicated Coat- Help please!

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#1 sinesapientia on 5 years ago

Hello, I'm a beginner here, but I have my heart set on this rather complicated looking coat that Haytham wears in AC3.
Reference: [url]!ACIII-Haytham_Kenway_Render.png[/url]

It does not look like any of the buttons on the coat would actually be functional due to the way it attaches. I was thinking I would avoid this by using hook and eye closures and maybe some velcro or something, but my main issue comes in with the neckline. I would like to feminize the coat by giving it more of a v-neckline. However, with the way the two sides of the coat overlap I'm not sure how I could do this.

I've found an asymmetrical jacket pattern that has the depth and shape of neckline I want (just based on what I look good in) here: [url][/url]
However the closures would need to be higher up, and the collar more like Haytham's.... I want to stay fairly close to the original character.
And I would want a coat with a body and bottom more like this pattern: [url][/url]
So I'd have to figure out how to combine them I guess?

I've never done anything like this before, so maybe I'm approaching this in the completely wrong way?

Any help would be much appreciated!

#2 Senevilla on 5 years ago

The coat (while it looks really time consuming) will look really cool when it's finished!

Do you have a better picture of the neck line? I can't really tell which part is the coat and which is the cape.

I'd use a zipper instead of hooks and eyes/velcro, because it's easier to use than the hooks and eyes and looks better than the velcro.

I think it'd be easy to use those patterns together, just be sure to lay one over (so you have the coat skirt as on piece with the front of the top) because it doesn't look like there's a seam at the waist.

#3 sinesapientia on 5 years ago

Does this help?

Would a zipper be able to be concealed? That was my intention with the velcro or hook and eyes.

Thanks for your help!

#4 Penlowe on 5 years ago

That is a very strange coat, clearly drawn by someone looking at various historical references and just randomly bodging them together without thought of their functionality.

the left blue placket area ( left as worn, right as we look at it) is not functional at all. This makes your pattern building easier as you can ignore that completely, it's just surface decoration.

I think in order for the collar to sit correctly, the front neck area (covered by the tie) is actually just a plain edge, gently curved to keep it from choking you.

I do not think you can rearrange this to create a V neck, it just isn't structured in a way that will work and still retain enough original design to make the character recognizable.

take heart! I do think you can feminize it a lot!
The coat pattern you chose will go a long way toward the feminizing goal, a big sweeping skirt, tailored in at the waist nearly always reads well.
Scale down all that detail on the front, and curve it to your bust & waist curves. Broad trims like are on that coat tend to flatten the appearance of curves underneath, making them 1/3 smaller that designed will reduce that effect.
Last, have the lower opening start higher than your waist. Showing female hips underneath will be yet another graceful change.

#5 sinesapientia on 5 years ago

Yeah, it's odd.

Sorry, what do you mean by a plain edge?

And how should I create the neckline? I feel like the reason it's concealed in game is because it doesn't physically make sense...

Thanks so much for all the advice, it's great!
How can I curve the details?

#6 Penlowe on 5 years ago

ok, look at this picture, particularly the stand up collar
notice how the front layer actually has just a simple sewn edge? the collar itself stops at the center. That is a basic idea of how I think you will have to construct your coat collar, but the gap between the actual collar edges will be bigger and your overlap wider to accommodate the style.

#7 sinesapientia on 5 years ago

Sorry, the link you posted goes to google images search so I'm not sure what picture you're referring to!

#8 Penlowe on 5 years ago

When I clicked it it brought up a single image :/ I fail at computers, frequently. There is a picture of seven collars with names below each, one is "stand up".

#9 Syagria on 5 years ago

[URL=""]This one, you mean? :)

#10 sinesapientia on 5 years ago

Okay, I think I understand. Thanks guys!

How would I make the patterns conform to my curves a little more?