Super Amazing Spectacular Photoshoot of Justice! (Comic Book, Marvel, DC meetup?)

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#1 Indy Tarquinson on 6 years ago

Calling all Justice Leaguers, Superfriends, Avengers, and Deadpools--

Let's have an epic battle--I mean an epic photoshoot for the ages.

Day: Saturday

Time: 2 PM

Meeting Place: Front INSIDE stairs in the main lobby.

If weather permits (any Storms around here?) we can go outside and take some there as well. I know of many excellent architectural prettiness and/or oddities around the place if anyone's interested in branching out for cooler backgrounds. (For example, the various staircases, the fountain, or even behind the main lobby stairs where the waterfall flows through the glass.)

Interested Parties:
Me -- Batgirl
Possibly 1 more DC villain

If there's a large turnout, we can take turns with group pictures as well. For example, have the main photo, then have the DC characters take a group photo, then Marvel, then the villains, then the heroes, then the villains vs. the heroes, or break off into individual groups like the X-Men, Avengers, and so forth.

#2 mafiaiscool on 6 years ago

we're deffinately for a photoshoot, we have 2 possibly 3 DC villains, riddler and penguin from arkham city and maybe one more

#3 Indy Tarquinson on 6 years ago

That is awesome! Are you guys cosplaying on Friday or Saturday? Consensus from the Neko page on Facebook is everyone is available on Saturday at 2 PM, but if there are interested parties on Friday I'm totally up for one on Friday too. Let me know! :3