Paine Sword Tutorial

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#1 NekoMimiChan on 12 years ago

I've had a lot of people coming to me and asing me how I made my Paine sword, after typing everything out in PM's I thought it would be easier just to post a tutorial. So here it is, how to make your own Paine sword.

The entire sword can be made by hand, no power tools or extravagant solvents or resins are required. Its pretty simple and all the materials are non-toxic and pet-friendly. This project can be generalized to make almost any sword with decoration.

Pine wood plank (about 6 feet by 10 inches wide, 1 inch thick)
Paperclay (about 3lbs)
2 mini-foam skulls (get 'em at Halloween!)
hot glue
hand saw or jigsaw
sandpaper or sander
red ribbon

First: Cut the basic shape, ignore the huge decoration by the handle for now, just cut out the blade with a handle, from one piece. The handle will be flat, but the whole piece is stronger using this method. You can cut the whole thing with a simple hand saw - I did. It kinda took forever to just cut it out, so if you can use a jigsaw go for it. Sand down the edges to make them smooth, especially around the handle. If you are using a power sander you can bevel the blade edge a bit, it not a contrasting coat of paint will look pretty good.

Second: Move your project inside! Cut off the occipital lobe from your skulls to make them flush on the back. Hot glue the skulls on either side of the blade where you want the decoration to be. Now comes the fun part. With all your paperclay begin building the huge decoration around the skull. You can make your own skull, but its alot easier and cheaper just to get the foam ones, plus both sides will be exactly the same. When working with paperclay keep a little bowl of water nearby. the water helps the paperclay attach tot he wood and smoothes it out. Paperclay, since its made from wood, sticks to the wooden base really well - something that other air dry clays do not. I suggest working in layers for the decoration, letting the first layer of paperclay dry before applying the next. Paperclay generally takes overnight to dry and sometimes cracks in the process - you can fill in those cracks with more paperclay. Another great reason to use this material is because once it dry you can sand it to smooth out any bumps.

After the paperclay is completely dry, its time to paint! Interior latex paint has the best coverage, but you can also use simple accrilic paint. I do not suggest spray paint for this prop because of the foam skulls and you cannot get as precise with spray. However some of the chromes and metallics in spray paint are better.

wrap the red ribbon arounnd the handle and you are done!

After all that, it will look something like this:

Hope that helps all you Paine cosplayers ^_^
If you have any questions just PM me.

#2 natsuo on 12 years ago

:eek: WOW!. the detail is FABULOUS!

#3 shiniuke on 11 years ago

Oh thank god, I found this. Thank you for showing the tutorial. I've been searching.

#4 Chergnomebyl on 11 years ago

Well sir (ma'am) you are a great craftsperson of crafts! xD. Very good job. Especially the details :]!