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#1 sailor-moon on 15 years ago

anyone gonne be there on thursday night?^.^ just wondering^.^

#2 Nietsche on 15 years ago

I shall..probably frantically finishing off the costume pieces in the hotel to meet up?

#3 SailorMo on 15 years ago

I'll be there too... with my BF, Emeralda, and Silence Glaive.

Hey Nietsche! Glad to hear you're coming back! You probably don't remember me, but I was hanging with you, Kyle, and Dan outside the dance at Katsu last year... ^.^

#4 Emeralda on 15 years ago

Yeah, what Mo said. My brother and I, Mo and Silence Glaive (who I'm guessing is Adam >.> ) will be there.

#5 Recca-kun on 15 years ago

If it's at all possible I will be hanging around Thursday night (and if it's not I will start screaming because it would be due to a Friday class which would mess with cosplay plans).

So... we'll just bet on Thursday night. ^_^;

#6 khamryn on 15 years ago

Fuu.. you know I'll be there. @[email protected];; lol. Bring your hot glue gun and scissors XD I doubt they'd let me have scissors on the plane and I'm only taking a carry-on, no suitcase. :p

#7 kitty_neko on 15 years ago

i'll get there on thursday.... it might end up being midnight, but i aim to come earlier ^_^;;

it could end up being that late just because i cant skip those 2 days of school....only one >_<

#8 Lilli on 15 years ago

*waves her hand to indicate that she'll be there Thursday too, and goes back to sewing before it's time to head off to work ^^;;*

#9 psythe on 15 years ago

I'll be there on thursday night playing playstation or something, PM with cell numbers if you wanna hang out at all :bigtu:

#10 Tenshi on 15 years ago

I should be there around 8-9 PM-ish, if everything goes right with my flight ^_^.

#11 Lilli on 15 years ago

Maybe we can set up a pow wow in the hotel lobby or something :3 Hehe, that way when Friday rolls around and you're trolling the con, you may recognize a few faces more easily? Or just so we can all goof off, and recount any funny things that happened on 'The Journey There' :3

#12 Kenshin Ken on 15 years ago

I leave thrusday night ^^; so that be a no go for me ^^;;

but I wil lbe up friday morning~ ^^ commin from the airport at 7 am ^_^

#13 .Hacker on 15 years ago

I think Lilli, and company (including myself) will pop down to the bar too..if costumes panic hasn't had to set in

#14 psythe on 15 years ago

Right on! Bar gathering :D I could see that. What time? 9?

#15 .Hacker on 15 years ago

9 sounds good!
I dunno if i wanna get into costume for that time tho...