Who's still making their costume?

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#1 whitefireblade2 on 8 years ago

Are any of them intricate, I would to see pictures or hear what series they are from.

#2 WARPAINTandUnicorns on 8 years ago

I Think every one is still making there costumes right.

Luckily I've final bought/ordered all the fabric needed for my Red Queen dress. Currently have not started it since I'm at a stand still making the wig.

Apparently I need to get a $70 to $100 steamer to make the hair curl and not crush the polybatten underneath. >_< The hand held one I have is to small for consistent burst of steam and I was making one curl every 15 minutes. *blarg*

(Anyone in the KW area got a upright steamer that I can borrow for a day?)

#3 Pillow-chan on 8 years ago

I am; seeing as I have to remake most of my Illyana costume; haven't started my Roll or Angela costume...le sigh.

#4 Seena-Cha on 8 years ago

im working on it =/
the wig is done im just working on the dress now =3

#5 SuperSushi on 8 years ago

I keep changing my mind about who I want to be. ; o;

BUT! I think I've finally come to a decision [about an hour ago >_>], and with only two months left, am sticking with this one lol

#6 Leeah on 8 years ago

I haven't started yet, I'm still not 100% sure I'm even going so I don't want to start and end up having a costume that I won't use aha!

#7 Alorelle on 8 years ago

[CENTER][FONT="Century Gothic"]Haven't started. D: I really need to soon, though, as making three costumes, two of them being pretty detailed, is going to be time consuming !
Mom says I have to find ways to earn the money though. >___< So until I figure that out, I can't by any new fabric. Efffff.[/FONT][/CENTER]

#8 Chipface on 8 years ago

I still have quite a bit of work to do on my costumes. I'll finish in time though.

#9 Rock-e on 8 years ago

lawl, I haven't even started yet! D: Though luckily, I already have a suit that looks frigheningly similar to the cosplay I want to do (Raidou, from SMT: Devil Summoner 2) :D

#10 QuiteVile on 8 years ago

I have most of mine done. I just need to do accessories. And my wig. And order boots.
I want to make sure everything is perfect.

#11 Wenora on 8 years ago

I'm still working on mine as well. Almost done with the main costume, then I have to tackle the accessories like boots, gloves, hood, pouch and weapon. I'm glad there's no wig worry about.

#12 xshedevilx on 8 years ago

I'm nearly done the bulk of Lebreau, but her gun won't begin until the end of July. I also have material purchased to make my boot covers as well for my Double K Yoko debut, lots of work left to be done. I'll upload pics of Lebreau after the Picnic this weekend.

#13 Yami Sasha on 8 years ago

Well currently i'm updating my Vincent Valentine costume to the Dirge of Cerberus version for Fan Expo as well as finishing off the wig for my Terra cosplay.

Though I do want to do a third cosplay as well, which I haven't decided yet.

#14 cobalt lucario on 8 years ago

Despite the fact that I may not be attending... I'm still working on it. Mainly because it's a project I really wanted to do from the get-go.

Said project: A "resined" HEV suit for a proper Gordon Freeman cosplay.

So far... I have about 2 and a half out of 10 pieces.


#15 Rainbowgasm on 8 years ago

I havent really started at all (at least on what needs to be done different from AN)... I still need to re-make Zero's vest, make Eds arm and buy new leather pants and fix the shirt i'm using (not gunna bother with the jackets for an August con), then I still gotta make Abel's whole outfit and order theater makeup for him... -_-