Ayuda con el cosplay de Erza

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#1 Sakura2401 on 9 years ago

#2 sharpshard on 9 years ago

To be honest, I don’t understand you language in the post. But I’m guessing you are doing Erza – Knight Version. (communication of otakus. lol)

I’m planning to do her too, but next year in May. I need to plan ahead far away. Because the Knight Version looks so much work needed to be done. >.<

Erza’s the best !!!!!

#3 jenmar on 9 years ago

#4 miku_hatsune on 9 years ago

#5 jenmar on 8 years ago

ola Miku sabes no se donde puedo conseguir ese material:wonderflex
Me podrias decir donde podria adquerirlo?:drink:

#6 RydiaValentine on 8 years ago

#7 Adriawow91 on 8 years ago

#8 Kat-Anko on 8 years ago

q exito.. esa chica q uso carton y cinta.. rajado q le kedo todo muy bien , los materiales son resiclados, faciles de usar y manipular.. y kedo exelente.. ya se como hacer las armas.. wiiiiiiiiiii:angel:

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