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#1 Nyoko on 16 years ago

Does anyone go to Katsucon, Otakon and/or Nekocon and wants to join a cosplay group, if so responed to this post and/or e-mail [email][email protected][/email]

well anyway, the web page for the group is not up yet, but I will keep ypu all informed.

#2 Kurenai on 16 years ago

Hey! What kind of cosplayers are you looking for? For in fact, I am going/have gone to all three of those ^_~ Cosplay groups rock!

#3 Nyoko on 16 years ago

it depends on the convention, we regulary attend at least one of the tree cons listed but most attend all three, if the web page was up, you could see what we are paining to do. Joining comes with benifets!! We are not a large group, we only have around 10 people tus far. WE also have two message bords soon to be three, where Members of the Cosplay Heaven Cosplay Group and Non-members are wellcome to join.
Yahoo Groups - [url][/url]
MSN Community - [url][/url]

#4 Nyoko on 16 years ago

ok here it is:
Nekocon-??? (Dragon Kights or Gokudo)
Otakon- AS / Inu Yasha