Magfest 2013

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#1 solstis on 6 years ago


Is anyone else going?
Planning on cosplaying?

I know this is a Gaming convention and not a n Anime/ Cosplay convention. But that will hardly stop us right XD

#2 Nick The Newbie on 6 years ago

It's a great event, but just remember that cosplay is more laid back there, so be prepared to have a sense of humor about yourself. The costume contest is more of a roast than anything.

#3 solstis on 6 years ago

I have been there before. Plus there were so many great cosplay there I hardly believe it is as bad as people make it out to be now. It's only an issue if you go to the cosplay contest.

#4 Nick The Newbie on 6 years ago

If by "an issue" you mean "awesome and hilarious", then yeah.

#5 solstis on 6 years ago

That is only if you like being made fun of and I do not. But that is not what this thread is about.

just because you cosplay at Magfest that does not mean you will be involved in the 'roast'

#6 Nick The Newbie on 6 years ago

There's a difference between "being made fun of" and "having a sense of humor." The costume event is a good time where people of all different costuming skill levels can come together to appreciate the absurdity of the fact that they're grown-ups dressed like video game characters. Whether or not you attend the costume contest/roast/panel/event, you should be prepared to have fun with your costume while at MAGFest, since it's a bore to stand around and model while stressing out about making sure your dress ruffles look right.

#7 solstis on 6 years ago

Just because you think it's funny and' all in good fun' doesn't mean everyone does, is what I'm saying.You can have fun with your cosplay without being made fun of by others. And just because you dislike it doesn't mean you don't have a sense of humor.

Which is why I'm glad that the actions that happen in the 'cosplay roast' stay there and do not filter into the rest of the Con.

So, back on topic,
Is there anyone else planning a cosplay for Magfest this year?

#8 Makarov92 on 6 years ago

I am going, I will be the guy wearing the gasmask...

#9 zepson on 6 years ago

Theres a decent chance i'll be coming to a day or 2 of this. If i do i'll be dressed up as Rucks from Bastion

#10 CyberCandy on 6 years ago

I might go, I always wanted to go.

#11 Lilith_Angel on 6 years ago

I've never gone but I heard it is a lot of fun. I may try it out for a day trip.

#12 TheAnarCHris on 6 years ago

Driving down for Sat/Sunday. MagFEST is certainly cool, but definely not worth going for all 4 days to me.

#13 Ranma Saotome on 6 years ago

I'll be there Friday on... WITH ALL THE DRINKS! :D

#14 Toni the Mink on 6 years ago

My b/f (CountedMetal) and I are planning to go, and bringing with us the hero, dragon, and items of Atari Adventure.

Though if what they say about cosplay is true, I think I'll leave my Sonic behind.. :/

#15 Lunairetic on 6 years ago

I'm going!! DEFINITELY will be cosplaying as Marle from Chrono Trigger again! And hopefully I will have some other Chrono Trigger cosplayers with me too! :)

Looks like I'll also be part of a Final Fantasy V cosplay group as well, so I'll have Freelancer and/or Dancer Lenna with me, along with a Faris and Bartz.

And I'm going to do my best to finish Alice from Shadow Hearts in time for MAGFest too!

Might consider bringing Sophia from Star Ocean: Till the End of Time as well. I'll have to see.

So basically, I'll be bringing all my comfortable yet obscure video game costumes to wear! XD

For anyone considering cosplaying to MAGFest, I'd suggest to skip the complicated and tiring-to-wear costumes for your favorite comfy costumes. <3 MAGFest is definitely more about the concerts and playing video games, NOT cosplay, so costume for comfort to this con! :P If you have any video game costumes of obscure characters or from obscure games though, wear them! Attendees are all HUGE video games nerds like we are, so most likely there will be at least a handful of people who will recognize and appreciate your costume. :) Which is probably my FAVORITE thing about cosplaying to MAGFest!

@Toni the Mink: what have you heard about cosplaying to MAGFest?! I've always cosplayed since I first started attending back in 2010, and I've always had a lovely time of it! Not very many people cosplay though... so if it makes you feel self-conscious to be one of the only people wearing a costume, you might want to skip it. Likewise if you are a cosplayer who cosplays mostly for photographs and attention. You won't be getting many people fawning over you at MAGFest which is why I'd save all your "show costumes" for a different con. That's just my take though.

I had TONS of fun last year cosplaying Marle especially! Hardly anyone recognizes the character at anime conventions (or even at Dragon*con ;_; ), but it seemed like everyone knew about Chrono Trigger at MAGFest and I had the MOST AWESOME AND NERDY conversations EVER! XD Chrono Trigger is my favorite game of all time so that was kind of a big deal for me. I'm hoping that by wearing some of my other more obscure character costumes that I'll be able to meet some other fans of Final Fantasy V, Shadow Hearts, and Star Ocean Till The End of Time, because I hardly know anyone who has played those games, and it would be JUST SO NICE to meet other fans and be able to have some drinks and have kick ass conversations about my favorite under-appreciated games! :)