Did you take my picture? 2011

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#16 Carmel-pop on 10 years ago

[QUOTE=satanicleplep;3472581]I was the Mulan(her matchmaker outfit, I had a crikee in a cage!~) with the Kuzco around on Sunday~

If you have pictures of the Kuzco I'd also like her pics as well~~[/QUOTE]

I took your picture in the gaming room on Sunday! (I was Zoey from L4D.) I still need to upload the photos, but when I do I can send you the picture. :D

#17 komichuu on 10 years ago

I was Mirka Fortuna on Sunday (I was mostly in the Trinity Blood gathering all day).

#18 PeaceOfMind on 10 years ago

Saturday - Cid Highwind game version, had Shera with me part of the time
Sunday - Blue TF2 soldier with blond pigtails and a rocket launcher
Monday - Sniper Wolf from Metal Gear Solid with a sniper rifle

#19 Asher9000 on 10 years ago

I was Kefka

#20 vegetable on 10 years ago

My friend is wondering if anyone took a picture of her on saturday - she was dressed as TCCchan, aka "420chan" or "THCchan."

#21 OGIGA on 10 years ago

Anyone photographed an Ishida Uryuu with a Seele Schneider?

#22 Aurora Maryte on 10 years ago

[QUOTE=OGIGA;3473142]Anyone photographed an Ishida Uryuu with a Seele Schneider?[/QUOTE]

Well I only saw one Ishida, so I'm assuming it was you.
If so that costume was amazing.
I'll have my pictures posted when I get back to Jersey Wednesday night, and I think I took two photos of the Ishida I saw.

#23 sukimba on 10 years ago

Saturday- Gijinka Mawile from Pokemon
Sunday - Asuka in her yellow dress from Evangelion

I don't have any pictures of these costumes, so I'd love it if you would send any to me if you have some! :]

#24 MinaotoBot on 10 years ago

Saturday: Trainer White (Pokemon Black & White)
Sunday: Tenshi Hinanai (Touhou Project)-- the FEMALE one with the "lightsaber"


#25 Rikufied on 10 years ago

C: On friday and saturday I was a mareep, and on sunday I was the asian Roxas with one regular keyblade <3 If you guys have any pics, that would be great!

#26 sunnystars on 10 years ago

Sweet, I'm looking for

Saturday: Crisis Core ending Zack Fair most likely seen with two Clouds and a Vincent
Sunday: Puppy Zack Fair still, most likely seen with two Infantry Cloud Strifes in the earlier part of the day, and one in the later part. =D

I'm really looking for a picture of Zack, [myself] and Cloud, with a really awesome Dissidia Sephiroth from Sunday afternoon.

Thanks guys!

#27 jacktchance on 10 years ago

I was Kyouya Ootoi (from Ouran HSHC) with a big box of strawberry pocky throughout Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Looker from Pokemon Platinum on Saturday.

Blu Scout with BONK! on Sunday.

Thanks in advance!

#28 kazenokazuki on 10 years ago

I was:
Rachel from Blazblue on Friday and Sunday
Mio from K-ON!! (season 2) Listen! Cake version on Saturday

I was at both the K-ON! Gathering and the Guilty Gear/Blazblue Gathering, so if you have any of those photos, it would be greatly appreciated!

Please PM me if you happen to take photos of me. Thank you!!:D

#29 Cosplay_Rose on 10 years ago

Thurdsay - Pikachu (Pokemon)

Friday - Amaterasu (Okami)

Saturday - Clyde (Orange Ghost) and my boyfriend was PacMan

Sunday - Chi (with the open ears and AV cables) and my boyfriend was Hideki (in his work uniform / yellow jacket) from Chobits

If anyone has pics from the CLAMP Gathering, I'd love those too ^-^

[QUOTE=jacktchance;3473681]Looker from Pokemon Platinum on Saturday.[/QUOTE]

I really, really, really wish I had seen that.

#30 CapriciousThief on 10 years ago

Amazing Fanime this year guys! I'll PM all of you that I took pictures of once I get them uploaded.

Anyways, my cosplays this year were:

Suika from Touhou (Thursday and Sunday)
Rhyme from The World Ends With You (Friday)
Zidane from Final Fantasy IX/Dissidia (Saturday)

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