Did you take my picture? 2011

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#1 NekoMimi16 on 10 years ago

Fanime is still in full swing but some cosplayers have already packed up their wigs and headed home. So for those of you who have done such you probably wanna see some awesome pictures taken by the amazing photographers of the convention!

Just reply in the thread with the characters you were, what series they're from, and which day you cosplayed them! ^^ Let's see those pictures!

My cosplays for Fanime:

Thursday (pre-reg): Ayanami Rei (Evangelion)
Friday: Beyond Birthday (Death Note Another Note), Haruhi Suzumiya-Summer Uniform (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya), and Ayanami Rei (Evangelion)
Saturday: Schrodinger (Hellsing Ultimate) and Hit-Girl (Kick-Ass)
Sunday (which is currently today): Mello (Death Note) and L (Death Note)

#2 Gin-tan on 10 years ago

I was Pit from SSBB/Kid Icarus on Saturaday. I had a Chihiro and No Face from Spirited Away with me as well.

#3 TheDevotedOne on 10 years ago

I was China for part of Friday, America Friday and Saturday. To distinguish myself, my China had red top with black cuffs and white pants and a red fan. my America's Nantucket (the curl on top of my head) was held up by a wire when it broke its original holding. I also had a huuuuuuuuge American flag for part of the day and a small yellow-tipped revolver. Both of this characters are from the wonderful Axis Powers Hetalia/Hetalia World Series.

#4 shibuya on 10 years ago

while i was not cosplaying, i was one of the photographers at the con (fri-sun). took a ton if pics (private sessions, groups, and impromptu) and will post them in my galleries over the next couple of days (need some time though to process 90+Gb of pictures ;). If you see yourself in any of the shots, PM me and I will send you high-quality originals... Great event, as always...

#5 AsylumPrince on 10 years ago

I was there on saturday cosplaying as a DOLLS member (I have a picture in my gallery, but I had black hair that day)

I wore another costume later: Pink curly wig, rabbit ears, denim overall dress, grey sweater and a big bow.

#6 lexy-chan on 10 years ago

I'm primarily looking for four cosplays I wore:

Luka Megurine, Vocaloids (Friday afternoon)
Lal Mirch, Hitman Reborn (Saturday morning)
Ayame Sarutobi, Gintama (Cosplay Spectacular)
Lulu, Final Fantasy X (Sunday morning)

Thank you!! <3

#7 moogles1989 on 10 years ago

i was there friday-sunday i cosplayed ciel from kuroshitsuji in the pink ballgown on friday evenign and most of saturday, i carried a black lace parasol and black velvet hand bag. my dress was all bridal satin, and the underskirt was all tiered white ruffles all the way to the top
<3 thanks

#8 Lady Valentine on 10 years ago

Did you take my pics?

Saturday: Selphie (Final Fantasy 8)
Sunday: Jill Valentine w/Rocket Launcher (Resident Evil)

If you took any pictures of the Resident Evil and Final Fantasy gatherings, then please send them this way!


#9 satanicleplep on 10 years ago

I was the Mulan(her matchmaker outfit, I had a crikee in a cage!~) with the Kuzco around on Sunday~

If you have pictures of the Kuzco I'd also like her pics as well~~

#10 sadistic-otaku on 10 years ago

Ezio (Altair armor) from Assassin's Creed 2 on Friday & Saturday
Golbez from FFIV Sunday.

Please send a pm. Thanks! :D

#11 taho on 10 years ago

I was there on Saturday as Asuka Langley Uniform version. Please let me know if you took a pic of me, thanks! :)

#12 Novaray on 10 years ago

[QUOTE=sadistic-otaku;3472639]Ezio (Altair armor) from Assassin's Creed 2 on Friday & Saturday
Golbez from FFIV Sunday.

Please send a pm. Thanks! :D[/QUOTE]

Pretty sure my friend took a picture of you. I'm waiting for his pics too, so I can get my blue mage pic up on here.

#13 NeoKabookie on 10 years ago

I'd love to see some of the pictures fellow con-goers got of me. I was Vega from Street Fighter 4 on Saturday.

#14 Aurora Maryte on 10 years ago

Since my sister is sleeping right now, I'll post for her and me I guess. Idk when she will get on her account..
There might not be many pictures of me, but my sister got at least 50 Friday, and then over 1000 with Saturday and Sunday combined.

Okay so Friday my sister was Ty Lee and I was Azula(but a fanart version so dressed as fire lord) both from Avatar the Last Airbender.
Saturday I was Orihime(hm version) from Bleach.
Sunday I was Konan from Naruto, and then Euphemia from Code Geass(the white DVD art dress).
And finally, my sister was Lightning from FFXIII on Saturday and Sunday. She was the Lightning who had the moveable gunblade.

Any photos at all would be soooo appreciated. Whether you post a link to it here, PM me the photos, or email them to me(I think my email is on my profile) anything works.
Thanks so much to everyone who took our photos, and for making this con experience so epic for two girls whose first time it was in California. :D

#15 FinalEVA on 10 years ago

If anyone has the silver LittleBigPlanet Sackboy pics, that's the costume I wore. Also Zidane with the wooden daggers In Game version.

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