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#1 CountMetal on 9 years ago

I don't know if there is a thread for a Dragonball gathering or anything familiar set up this year. Hopefully my Yamcha costume would be ready by then anyway.

Day: Saturday
Time: 5:00 PM
MP & L: FiF CE

Yamcha: CountMetal
Teenage Gohan: vandonovan
Android 17: vandonovan's friend
Android 18: Michi
Future Trunks: RiderG
Vegeta: Legendary Hero(FF)
Krillin: Dan Hibiki(FF)
Launch: TabbyChan(FF)
Bulma: Darkin
edenmon: Videl

#2 vandonovan on 9 years ago

My friend and I are planning to do Androids Seventeen and Eighteen probably Friday night. (We'll also be at the Swap Meet that night.) I'm also thinking about doing Teenaged Gohan in his school uniform, which is probably what I'd wear to a meet up since my friend cosplays a lot and probably couldn't make a meet up otherwise...

#3 CountMetal on 9 years ago

I added you on the list. You know what your friend is doing that day of the shoot. I am aiming towards Sunday night or late afternoon.

#4 vandonovan on 9 years ago

Sadly I can't stay Monday, so it'd have to be Sunday afternoon or early. I have to fly home Sunday night. Sunday morning or afternoon for a meet up is possible, though! I'll definitely keep you posted.

#5 Michi on 9 years ago

<-- Android 18 to Van's 17

I'm in the masquerade, which is Sunday night, so I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be able to do a meet-up that day for DBZ. Sorry. :(

#6 CountMetal on 9 years ago

It looks like Sunday evening is out of the question. I am thinking about having the gathering either on Saturday at 5 or 8. Unless Sunday afternoon is ok with you guys. I am not sure what time people line up for the Masquerade.

#7 Michi on 8 years ago

My schedule has changed a bit and I might be able to do Saturday. :x

#8 CountMetal on 8 years ago

My Yamcha costume has been shipped and I hope it will arrive before I leave for Fanime. Otherwise I will have someone to take over for me hosting this shoot.

#9 RiderG on 8 years ago

if this meet up happens i'd like to attend as Future Trunks

#10 CountMetal on 8 years ago

Good News Everyone. My Yamcha costume should be arriving this week which means the photo shoot is going to happen. I am also thinking about having some DB music for this shoot.

#11 CountMetal on 8 years ago

Sorry for the double post/bump. Anyway I am looking forward seeing you guys this weekend. I got my Yamcha costume finished despite of the incorrect symbol on the front and also some Dragonball music on my Ipod. Also I am thinking about doing this song for karaoke this year [url]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0HYy-41eYuk[/url] or maybe Dragon Soul.

#12 Darkin on 8 years ago

I have a Bulma costume! I'll try to make it for this.

#13 vandonovan on 8 years ago

Yay a Bulma! Now what we REALLY need is a Videl! :D C'mon, there's gotta be one out there somewhere!

[URL="http://www.crackerboxpalace.com/cosplay/lolgohantest.jpg"]I'm gonna bring it!

#14 edenmon on 8 years ago

Oh my god, yes! A DB gathering!!

I will be wearing Videl sometime during the con, but it may conflict with another gathering.. still finalizing my gathering plans at the moment.

Oh. And vandonovan, I REALLY hope I run into you as that Gohan, because my version is Videl's school version too!

I'm so excited. been watching dbz again, now I'm all pumped up! :D

#15 vandonovan on 8 years ago

edenmon: Yay! My schedule is pretty open with regards to costumes, so if you miss the DBZ gathering let me know when you'll be in Videl and I'll put it on. I'll be at the swap meet on Friday all night in the Gohan costume, so if Friday works for you, stop by the swap meet at least!

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