Godot's Visor: How To [Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney]

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#1 ZiplocNinja on 12 years ago

I've seen a lot of people asking on how-tos and tips on how to make Godot's visor from Phoenix Wright, so I made sure to take some pictures while I was making mine today! I'll document it for you!

1: First, I printed off all the reference pictures I could, official art and not, and also cosplays I found on here that impressed me very much (one being KazZu's) and deliberated how I would make the thing.

I noticed Godot's visor had a ridge around near the middle, but for the love of me I could not figure out how to make it. Maybe in the future I'll attempt it again with some feedback. So, this step-by-step doesn't feature how to make that part of it, sorry guys.

- Cellulose Acetate (It's a type of firm, see-through plastic available in many colours, it's used for photography film, I believe. [url]http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cellulose_acetate[/url]) I bought it at AboveGround Art Supplies in Toronto for a whole 80 cents per sheets. I bought 4 sheets just in case I screwed up.
- Craft foam. Real easy to get hold of! I got two sheets of white and two sheets of black at WalMart.
- Craft foam glue. I found a special type of glue that's made specifically to bond foam to foam and other things to foam. [url]http://www.createforless.com/InterchangeData/images/2/2003/0619/2007051716503622003-0619-0224.jpg[/url] <- That is it right there, Aleena's FunCraft Foam Glue.
- Rust-Oleum Metallic Finish ([url]http://www.instructables.com/files/deriv/F3I/F4C9/FE7ITWYP/F3IF4C9FE7ITWYP.MEDIUM.jpg[/url]) It's basically silver spray paint, though mine was Matte, not glossy.

Step One:
After completing research, I drew a rough copy out on poster board, took measurements, made sure it fit my head, etc. I used the two pieces I cut out of poster board for my pattern. Unfortunately I do not have a picture here, but I cut a piece out for the silver part of the visor, and a larger piece for the solid black part of the visor. Once everything was good, on to the foam.
Step Two:[/B]
I cut the same shapes out of foam, but cut out long strips for the lenses of the visor. I made sure these were to scale and allright, and on to the next stage...!

Step Three:
I needed to spray paint what was white foam, silver. Reason? Walmart didn't have grey craft foam. |:

Here, I sprayed the front side first.

Heed my warning, this is why you do not spray both sides at once then just drop it down onto the ground. Do one side at a time, the Rust-Oleum I had dried in literally, a minute.

Step Four:
Time to glue on the acetate. I cut an appropriate shape out of it, painted the back of the silver frame with the foam glue, and pressed it down.


Unfortunately, I put a little too much glue, so it exploded over the edges and got all over the workspace and the acetate and myself. I tried to clean it over and over but it didn't work, so I stripped the acetate off (goodbye, one dollar's worth) and tried again. This time I was more careful so it went on fine, and I only had to clean small bits of it with alcohol (see the picture)


Trippy vision, eh? it kind of hurts my eyes to look through it, it'll need time getting used to!

Step Five:

After the acetate was dried onto the frame...


I attached the black part using the same method. Craft foam glue.


And.. that's basically it. The acetate bends, but keeps the frame firm at the same time. It doesn't bother my face or nose to wear. I attached a see-through elastic band and it clings comfortably to my face. (: I still need a picture of that.


#2 Idle_Time on 12 years ago

Nice tutorial, and I'm really glad I found out about that craft foam glue =]

#3 Kaoshima on 12 years ago

That's almost exactly what I did, except I was able to find grey craft foam, and instead of Acetate, I used a few layers of red cellophane. I also used white Chenelle wands (to blend in with the wig) as templates (like on glasses). And to hold the whole thing together I used hot glue, which might not have been too great an idea, seeing as it made the cellophane shrivel just a little, but it held the foam together really nicely. I had never heard of craft foam glue before, I might give that a try if I ever feel like remaking my mask.

#4 flava86 on 10 years ago

thanks your the best one i found for this

#5 Akarin-chan on 9 years ago

Effing amazing.

Thanks for the tutorial.
Just out of curiosity, do you know a method to make it light up?
It'd be cool to make one do that.

#6 edenmon on 9 years ago

I'm really liking that cellulose acetate. I want some, but I don't have the slightest clue where to get any. Especially in red. >_< Nice tutorial though. It'll come in handy. :D

#7 Zab CKTV on 9 years ago

Wow, amazing tutorial man!

#8 VocalNinja on 5 years ago

ok so this thread is probably dead buuuut. do you have like a video that you can do?

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