The "Who Do I Look Like?" / "Who Should I Cosplay?" Thread

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#16 Faded_Memories on 11 years ago


How about me?

Hair: dirty blonde
Height: 6"1

#17 Mika J on 11 years ago

Ooh, me, me ! : )


I am:
- Asian
- 5'0" (but I can make up for the lack of height with heels 8D)
- average-y?

#18 Doctor Blind on 11 years ago

Faded_Memories - Tidus or Shuyin from Final Fantasy X. Kamina from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. Jet or Zuko from Avatar: The Last Airbender.

#19 plastic_man on 11 years ago

Mika- from your avie, Hidari (Reborn!)

#20 omgitsbarri on 11 years ago

Thanks for everyone's input in the other thread, .< I'm really bad at this.

Faded_Memories: Soraaaa!! (Kingdom Hearts)

Mika: If you don't mind crossplay, Shuichi (Gravitation), Haruhi from Ouran

#21 Raven_Night on 11 years ago

oh I forgot to add to my thing that I'm willing to crossplay and I can try and get a wig, if possible.

#22 Akatsuki_08 on 11 years ago

I have to agree with do look a lot like Sora, Faded_Memories:toothy:

and Mika J, for some reason your pictures didn't come up for me.

#23 fear_nothing on 11 years ago

Mika J, I'd like to see your pictures for more suggestions, but from your avatar you remind me a lot of

Shizune from Naruto.

as well as Sakura from Tsubasa (I say Tsubasa because she looks more adult here than in Cardcaptors. You resemble her more)

and of course Haruhi from Ouran High School Host Club

#24 charlie_l on 11 years ago

Hmm..Only pic of myself that I can find:


Any recommendations would be appreciated. :)

#25 Raven_Night on 11 years ago

no one got a suggestion for me?


hair: dark brown w/ a hint of blonde, but that should be gone by April ^.^;
height: 5'4"
eyes: brown/black when I'm in a bad mood
weight: 175

#26 Vea on 11 years ago

Mind helping me out? D:

Height: 5'3"
Weight: 105lb

I would really like to do a cosplay that is a)uncommon and b)highly recognizable. Like Domo-kun! He was fun to do, but the costume was too easy to make. I want a challenge. D<

Crossplay and wigs are absolutely fine with me.

#27 omgitsbarri on 11 years ago

Vea, an uncommon but recognizable costume...

hrm... Sailor Mars (not many people cosplay the sailor scouts any more it seems)

Ritsuka from Loveless

Tomoyo from CCS [url][/url]

#28 -Skidayo_Dei- on 11 years ago

Okay, I need some advice
There are a few characters I have been asked to cosplay and I want you people to tell me if you think I could pull it off

This is me: [url][/url]
more me: [url][/url]
annnnnnd more me: [url][/url]

and I've been asked to cosplay
Envy(full metal alchemist): [url][/url]
Sora (Kingdom hearts II version): [url][/url]
Mello (Death Note): [url][/url]
Winry (full metal Alchemist): [url][/url]
L (death note): (see my gallery for me as L.... I think they're pretty decent in my diplocon folder) [url][/url]
Itachi (Naruto): [url][/url]
Temari(Naruto): [url][/url]

Yes, thats alot XD but some of these are for cons like... a year from now and yes, I do have a decently good paying job (100 dollars for three days of work... plus I do house work for alittle extra here and there... and my parents pay for some of my stuff....) Also... I've been asked to cosplay Plum from Chobits and Ritsuka from loveless but I'm too lazy to put those up right now @[email protected]

#29 Lulu_Black_Mage on 11 years ago

I have a lot of cosplay plans, but I would really like to cosplay someone that I look like.

Here's a head shot:



And here's a full body shot:

[url] 2007/AnimeNext07003.jpg[/url]

Height: 5'9.5"
Weight: On the heavier side.
Hair Color: Naturally dirty blonde, but dyed black currently.

#30 kitee on 11 years ago

I'm going to a con in August, so I have a lot of time and I want to make two costumes. I can't afford a wig and I can't order one online. I can only cut/dye my real hair. I've only cosplayed once before, as Dawn/Hikari from Pokemon, so I'm new to this, but I can kind of sew.

I was going to cosplay as either:

Chihiro (from ef - a tale of memories) and Ryou (from Clannad)
They both have short purple hair and Chihiro is the one with the eyepatch. I was also thinking of Tsukasa from Lucky Star instead of Ryou, but the Lucky Star uniform is more generic and I like Ryou's hair ribbon better.


Rena (from Higurashi) and Mako (from Kannazuki no Miko)
Their hair isn't the same colour or style, but I thought I could get something in between since orange is pretty bright anyway. My hair has to be normal enough for me to wear everyday (Purple is normal but orange isn't ^^;; ) For Mako, I didn't have a full size picture, but it's a red pleated skirt on the bottom.
[url][/url] [url][/url] [url][/url]

I can't decide which two to cosplay as, so help me?
Which would be easier, which would look better...?