The "Who Do I Look Like?" / "Who Should I Cosplay?" Thread

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#1 Michi on 11 years ago

While the stickied thread [URL=""]here[/URL] has some good tips for beginning cosplayers, many people like hearing specific ideas from their peers. Hence, the "Who do I look like?" thread was made.
I'm hereby making a new one that will hopefully be a bit more organized and official, as the old one could get messy, lots of people left behind, and many new users had their posts disappearing and not showing up until later. Here's hoping things will run more smoothly!

Rules are as follows:
1) [b]Please try to refrain from posting yourself more than once.[/b] (This does not apply if you previously posted in the original thread!) Unless your look has drastically changed, or you suddenly decided you're willing to crossplay or try a wig when you weren't before, there's no reason to post yourself again. You are free to reference your previous post when giving ideas to others, but do not post later simply asking "Does anybody else have ideas for me?!" Replying to other's ideas for you will give your post more attention anyway, so don't fret! Posters are encouraged to scan the thread for users they might be able to give a good idea to, rather than worrying about only paying attention to the most recent poster.
[b]Addendum:[/b] If you are posting yourself again just because you think you were ignored the first time, do NOT do it unless you are giving ideas to another user in the same post. Otherwise the idea of the thread is lost. Helping others will help you!

2) [b]Don't post and complain that you're not getting enough ideas from people.[/b] This thread does not require anyone to reply to everyone else! Also, be nice to others and don't get mad at them for ideas you might not like, or anything else. Just be courteous.

3) [b]Please don't post more than once in a row.[/b] You can give ideas to multiple people in the same post.

4) [b][i]If your post doesn't show up right away, please just be patient and don't keep trying to repost.[/b][/i] If you are a new user to it may take a while for your post to show up, especially if you added links to photos of yourself. Please do NOT post it several times over attempting to get through. It IS going through, into our spam filter, and the moderators have to manually approve or delete every single one of them. So please remember that and be patient for us to catch up to your posts!!
Because of some posts taking a while to appear, users viewing the thread may want to look back to see if there's anyone they didn't see earlier that they might want to reply to. Just keep it in mind!

5) [b]This thread is open to both new and seasoned cosplayers alike.[/b] Sometimes people get stuck and can't think of any costumes they could do. But most long-time cosplayers will tell you, the best ideas are what you come up with yourself since you'll be spending so much time, money, and effort on your costume. Keep this in mind!

When you post, it's good to add what you're looking for. Are you open to crossplay? Do you not want to wear a wig? Do you want a character similar to your height, or were you itching to try your new platform shoes? It'll help you get ideas that you'd actually want to have as a costume. :) Good luck!

#2 Palmtree on 11 years ago

Ah, new topic, I'll try again ^_^


Additional info:
Hair: Ivory? White? Not very long.
Height: 160cm
Weight: 53kg

I have no problem with crossdressing, in fact, I may even prefer crossdressing since female characters often wear such skimpy outfits. *not a big fan of those short skirts*

I wear glasses and I'm not a huge fan of contacts, but I can go without glasses for a while if necessary.

#3 tamarah on 11 years ago

LOL first post! :3
Okay, I'm thinking very ahead, so I'm planning 2009 cosplays~ >_>;; I know I could change, etc. But ideas are nice. ^w^
Photo: [URL=""]{x}[/URL]
Any character is okay, male or female, even anthro! XD Though I do love crossplaying... XD

#4 Michi on 11 years ago

Sorry, tamarah; there were already a couple posts ahead of you that just hadn't been approved yet. XD;;

#5 TR Rose on 11 years ago

Sure, why not...
(ignore the elf ears)

5'6", thin, long brown straight hair (almost to my waist).

I've always wondered who people would think I look like (or at least resemble somewhat).

I've done some crossplay, but usually I find that I keep picking characters with big poofy skirts and crowns. :) Wigs aren't an issue. Pretty much just looking for ideas.

#6 Akatsuki_08 on 11 years ago

Okay, for palmtree how abour Riku from Kingdom Hearts,

[url] Hearts/Riku/Riku.jpg&searchTerm=kingdom hearts riku&pageOffset=0[/url]

for IvySparrow, you remind me of Kin from Naruto,


For tamarah Hinata from Naruto,


For TR Rose, you remind me of Link, if you don't mind crossplaying


and it wasn't just the ears that made me think of it, lol!

#7 Palmtree on 11 years ago

TR Rose: I think you'd make a very cute [url=]RanRan (Marl Oukoku 2)[/url], but perhaps that is a bit too obscure? Okay, it's way to obscure. Some of the other characters from that game have very puffy dresses. You also remind me of [url=]Virginia (Wild Arms 3)[/url]. Oh, wait! [url=]Plua the Mana of Darkness (Atelier Iris series)[url]! Sorry, that's the best picture I could find...

Tamarah: You're adorable! XD Ehm... [url=]Reala (Tales of Destiny 2)?[/url] Or [url=]Miyuki! (Xenosaga)[/url] Or... [url=]Tia (Stella Deus)[/url] should be fun!

... Okay, I kinda doubt I'm being helpful here (I love obscure RPGs a bit too much), but at least my recommendations are original? XD

#8 TR Rose on 11 years ago

For TR Rose, you remind me of Link, if you don't mind crossplaying


and it wasn't just the ears that made me think of it, lol![/QUOTE]

LOL, I've done two versions of Link already. :)



Thanks though.

Any other suggestions, please??

#9 jaelyn0430 on 11 years ago


Additional info:
Hair: redish black and Not very long.
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 124 Lbs

I have no problem with crossdressing.

#10 Palmtree on 11 years ago

jaelyn0430: [url=]Aila (Suikoden III)[/url]

#11 Thesaurus on 11 years ago

There's a more general "Who Do I Look Like?" thread? That's the last time I go to the J-rock section before checking out the rest of the site...



#12 Raven_Night on 11 years ago

alright I'm gonna try this =)


i just wanna note though I have sort of a big body build -coughcoughchubbycough- and on top of that, I have very limited knowledge on animes. Like I may have heard of an anime, but never seen it. xD so this is difficult for me.

jaelyn0430 - maybe Mimiru from .hack//SIGN?


#13 ranpu on 11 years ago

But here is a discription

Gender: Male
Hair: Blonde (though currently copper red dye job) and Short
Eyes: Dark Blue (sometimes a very bold green)
Height: 6'4" (193cm)
Weight: 220 LBS. (hoping to knock that down to at least 185 By sept. 08')
Misc: Kinda big lips

willing to wear wig, but anything near my eyes trip me out, so no contacts

#14 SoujiroElric on 11 years ago

oookay, as it doesn't apply if I posted in the original thread, I'm gonna post my request again.


Height: Around 6 feet (178 cm)

I can wear wigs if neccesary, I need a begginer's costume, no matter if I must sew (even when my sewing skills are almost null)

Also I've got less than a month to have the costume ready >

#15 Doctor Blind on 11 years ago

IvySparrow - Haruno Sakura (timejump, I would think) from Naruto. Aerith/Aeris Gainsborough from Final Fantasy. Ashe from Final Fantasy XII. Larxene from Kingdom Hearts II. Lyndis (Lyn) from Fire Emblem 7.

tamarah - Misa from Death Note. Near from Death Note. Haninozuka Mitsukuni (Hunny/Honey/Hani) from Ouran High School Host Club. Momiji from Fruits Basket. Kisa from Fruits Basket. Eiko Carol from Final Fantasy 9.