Wind Waker Ganondorf Costume Help

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#1 qmanning on 6 years ago

Hey guys!

I'm seeking some help here on creating a Ganondorf costume from The Legend of Zelda Wind Waker.

This Halloween, the family is going as a selection of characters from the Legend of Zelda. I'm a huge fan of the games, and when the boy said he wanted to be Link for Halloween, my heart warmed, my eyes got a little misty, and I knew that I had to be Ganon. Since Wind Waker is probably my favorite Zelda game (though Skyward Sword is almost a tie), and the boy loves Links costume from Wind Waker, that version of Ganondorf made the most sense.

While making Link's costume is going to be relatively easy, Ganondorf's costume from this game is a little more complicated. Does anyone know of any patterns or similar out there we could find? I've seen some amazing costumes for this from some of the folks here at, though I'm not sure how to contact them directly (Nemuren's in particular was jaw-dropping).

So, I'm looking for some help on a pattern and then I have questions on how the various graphical elements are typically done - are they separate cloth pieces sewed on, are they painted on, etc.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm excited about building replica swords and am starting that project now, but since my wife is the expert sewer in the family, I'm wanting to help her get a head-start on putting together my Ganondorf costume :D