Kingston, Ontario Area Cosplayers?

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#1 Otouto on 8 years ago

Just seeing if there are any others in the area, as it's a pretty artsy town.

#2 ShinobiXikyu on 8 years ago

Me me me me! So happy to see someone from the same city. For an artsy town there's a serious lack of cosplayers (lived here nearly all my life, been cosplaying since 2006... and most cosplayers I meet here are usually weeaboos in the ultimate sense or snooty, holier-than-thou elitists who scoff at anyone who talks about cosplay. At the best they're only here for college...)

...also, we do have some spectacular photoshoot locations. As evidenced here... [url][/url]

#3 Otouto on 8 years ago

Speaking of artsiness, I've been so wrapped up in portfolio stuff I forgot to check back for replies! That's awesome! Most people I meet who cosplay here are a bit on that side, yes, but I've also met few and far between (except a few friends who've recently moved elsewhere). I'm sure there are a decent number around for the town size given all the students, just not sure where they're hiding!

But, yes. Good to see at least one.

#4 MDA on 8 years ago

I live an hour from Kingston out just North of Belleville! I'll be heading there for the K-Town cosplay day organized by Deadkoibunny :D

Btw, I think this year she plans to have it the same day as the Zombie Walk..

#5 ShinobiXikyu on 8 years ago

That's on October 6th, right? Provided I don't get something coming up, I'll be going ^_^. Though I was just going to do a normal cosplay (I miss wearing Aoi and Molly Millions won't be done in time, so I figured I'd spruce him up a bit and wear him again). I don't have anything that works for a zombie. Same location as last year?

(And mentioning such, OP, I suggest coming on over to it! It's pretty well the only event in Kingston each year for cosplayers to meet up. I dunno why Kingston hasn't put together even a small anime con yet...)

#6 Otouto on 8 years ago

I didn't know there was a meet-up here! Where can I get the info on it?

#7 MDA on 8 years ago

Still waiting for Bunny to get it figured out 100%. I think she'll be making a Facebook for it.

And yeah, as far as I know it'll be the same location. I'm not 100% sure on that.

Xikyu, you do know a zombie is easy to make right? Buy stuff from thrift store, throw red paint on it, slash it, dirty it... wow I've made too many bloody and zombie-like costumes xD

#8 ShinobiXikyu on 8 years ago

Yeah, but thigns have come up where I'm not even sure I can afford to finish the cosplay I'm working on, to say nothing of making a one-occasion only costume (my Halloween one's made from stuff I already had and is almost done). And I don't like zombies. Dirty and gory and bloody aren't for me. (If it were a separate occasion all together I could toss together a zombie defense league soldier, but I've been looking forward to rewearing one of my favourite older cosplays for the cosplay day).

#9 MDA on 8 years ago

I'll have Halloween Town Vexen. Zombie, but not "OMG THE GORE AND BLOOD AND DIRT!" Kind.

Think Nightmare Before Christmas :)

#10 ShinobiXikyu on 8 years ago

At any rate, if there's a regular cosplay day followed by the aforementioned zombie walk, I'll at least be around for the regular cosplay day.

#11 MDA on 8 years ago

Yeah, its supposed to be during the day before it I think. I need answers from DeadKoiBunny about this XD

#12 Otouto on 8 years ago

Well, fill me in when she tells you. Zombie sounds nice and easy, considering most of my more casual outfits are getting a little worn for wear.

#13 DeadKoiBunny on 8 years ago

Sorry, I've been completely scatter brained lately.
Hi Otouto, I'm from Belleville but started hosting K-Town cosplay day last year.

Facebook page is up for K-Town Cosplay.
I'm aiming to have it the morning of the Kingston Zombie walk (which i think they changed the date) ... October 20th .... I think it'd be fun to meet up with some of the zombies and could make for some good photos too.
I'm putting location this year to a vote... though wandering around last year was fun.

#14 MDA on 8 years ago

Indeed. We found some good locations at night thanks to Xikyu :) That haunted alley made for excellent photos!

Event page:

I can't wait! I need to get stuff to rip and paint on for HT Vexen. I want something warmer this year. Rider was so cold T_T and I'm pretty sure some of the guys that night that saw us when we were walking through the streets thought I was a hooker. Nuuu..... does not want >_< (besides, might need a new wig for Rider neway, it's a rats nest).

Weekend after is the Quinte Halloween Cosplay Day/Photoshoot. Four years! If either of you (Otouto & ShinobiXikyu) can make it to Belleville, I have one the 27th :) I'm still up in the air as to what I want to wear for that >> Halloween Grell is tempting... so is Halloween Town Xemnas... so many choices....

#15 ShinobiXikyu on 8 years ago

If the cosplay day's the same as the zombie walk, were we (and anyone else who comes along) also going to have a dinner or whatnot out? Since I'm not doing the zombie walk (and you can't be in it in non-zombie apparel anyway), it'd be good to know if we can meet back up somewhere after or if I may as well just head home when the walk starts.
...and now my Halloween Molly Millions cosplay is close enough to done (just got to make finger blades, get press-on nails, a quick styling of the wig and finetune attaching my mirror lenses), and since it's a later date, now I'm debating if I should wear her or stick with wearing Aoi a last time. He's getting a bit worn but I just love that damn csplay so much.

Also, the Quinte one sound fun, but I have ABSOLUTELY no idea what things will be like around Halloween for me so I can't even say "maybe" yet. I'm already planning to visit my boyfriend's for Halloween itself, and we've been invited to a steampunk party, want to throw a party ourselves, might go to the Anime North Halloween dance the Friday before... yeesh. So many choices. X_X