What cosplays will you be bringing to the NEW YCon?

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#1 RyokoYuuki on 7 years ago

Just out of curiosity and the fact that I hate seeing unloved threads, what cosplays will you be sporting around YCon?

I'll be bringing:
Kiba ~ Wolf's Rain
Sam Evans ~ Glee
Rocky ~ Rocky Horror Picture Show
Something secret

Look forward to seeing everyone at the NEW YCon!

#2 Poody on 7 years ago

If I go, I might wear Cutter from Elfquest or Terence from Tinkerbell.... :)

#3 SoraXroxasXaxel on 7 years ago

Im bringing:
Amaimon - Blue Exorcist
Link - LOZ Skyward Sword
and possibly Ciel - Kuroshitsuji

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