2013~ Looking for League of Legends Cosplayers

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#1 yrp! on 6 years ago

My friend [URL="http://www.cosplay.com/member/333395/"]AshesForAshley[/URL] and I are looking for LoL cosplayers for 2013 NYCC. We would maybe like to formulate a meetup.. and maybe a awesome group photo or something! :D You can contact me or Ashley if you are interested. I will be cosplaying Battle Bunny Riven and Ashely will be cosplaying Ashe!

#2 Mizioki on 6 years ago

im planning to try getting a shockblade zed cosplay ready for NYCC so if that ends up with good chance of happening i'll let you know :P

#3 yrp! on 6 years ago

Mizioki! I'm looking forward to it! Yay!

#4 yrp! on 6 years ago

Update: My friend and I will be attending FRIDAY(once i buy our tickets!) So that would be our only availability for a LoL meetup!

#5 Mizioki on 6 years ago

hope to see a lot of league cosplayers at nycc this year <3

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