FYI! Bay Bridge scheduled to be closed during AOD weekend!

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#1 Dany on 7 years ago


I'd been seeing signs on 101 on this during my commute, but only today was I able to sit down and confirm that I wasn't imagining things. The article I've linked to is as of this morning.

Bear in mind, according to the above, some of this closure business will be impacted by weather, so there is a chance that this could be postponed and it will not be an issue. To be safe, if you're driving into the City from the east and the Bay Bridge was a planned route, prepare a backup plan to get to AOD. San Mateo Bridge is the closest alternative, but expect it to be crowded as that is the alternate route that many others will use.

Safe travelling!

#2 Efecss on 7 years ago

Thanks. I'll have to check yahoo map tomorrow, and the article tonight, and work according...

#3 Dany on 7 years ago

A gentle bump to keep folks aware..this is still "on" as of today and no changes are planned. Good luck and see you all this weekend!


Website for the latest info on the bridge info and transit alternatives:


#4 Shinigamiyoko on 7 years ago

I'll probably be using the San Mateo Bridge, assuming the Bay Bridge is still closed by Saturday morning.
I was thinking I wanted it to rain so that the Bay Bridge would be open (driving in from Pleasanton) but then I thought about it, and cosplay + rain isn't usually fun, haha...

#5 Efecss on 7 years ago

mmmm... Looking at this, for me, getting there may not be a problem, getting back home, may be.

gotta check goggle.

Well, I will have to go through San Rafael, just because. Even through the bridge won't be closing until 8pm. Its a good thing I will be travelling on a full tank of gas.

#6 Efecss on 7 years ago

Well, after that experience...

Gettind down there, and over the Golden Gate Bridge, coming from San Rafael, no problem. It was all the turns and twists that they had after I got off which confused me. Took me an extra 90 mines to find the hotel...