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#1 jenna_tails on 7 years ago

Hi! I need help choosing someone to cosplay :( I already cosplay as Haruhi Suzumiya. I love characters like Maka Albarn also (her outfit and personality are awesome) but my friend cosplays as her so I can't be her. I have dark brown hair (looks black to some people), I'm thin, 5"2', brown eyes... here's pictures:



Also, I'm growing my hair, so any hair length for the character is fine^^ Thank you in advance :D (please help! D: )

#2 animenerd93 on 7 years ago

well personally my friends and i cosplay the same series so if u ask your friend she might be ok w it.
otherwise ud make a great rin (vocaloid)

#3 jenna_tails on 7 years ago

True, but I think she looks great as Maka anyhow^^ And okay, thanks!:)

#4 Luckifrog on 7 years ago

Hm. She could go as maka.... And you could go as... maybe Medusa. Or as Eruka frog.

Or you could both go as Liz & Patty! 8D That would be fun.