Favorite Pokemon?

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#16 Arc_The_Lad on 7 years ago


#17 alucard13mmfmj on 7 years ago

my favorite is Krabby... KOOKIE KOOKIE

#18 Spiritwalker on 7 years ago

Gen 1: Growlithe (fav overall too)
Gen 2: Skarmory
Gen 3: Gardevoir
Gen 4: Lucario
Gen 5: Undecided

#19 SafetyMoose on 7 years ago

Xatu hands down... not sure why but when this pokemon was introduced I always found its native american ish design to be cool.

#20 kAZbear on 7 years ago

Absol <3 I also like Houndoom, Mightyena, Arcanine and Lugia, but Absol beats all.

#21 SeraphicSkitty on 7 years ago

In general, I like Skitty and Arcanine best, but for battling, I would have to say Garchomp and Umbreon.

#22 SuzuStarlight on 7 years ago

My all-time favorite is Chikorita <3
I also like Pikachu, Shaymin and Dragonair~

#23 Waifu Beam on 7 years ago

Legendary: Lugia
Non-Legendary: Dragonite

#24 waterbender88 on 7 years ago


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