Keeping on track on a bad day?

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#1 FoxyNinja398 on 6 years ago

Let's face it, regardless of how hard we all work and the amount of dedication we have, bad days happen. It can be work-stress, family-stress, a bad weigh in, even something like the weather or time of year. And all it can take is a couple of bad decisions that snowball to completely undo days/weeks/months of effort. So what you you do to keep yourself on track and get over those bad days where everything is telling you to have that piece of cake (or whatever your diet vice is) and just say screw it?

I personally let myself lapse several times a year on purpose (Thanksgiving, Christmas, and birthday) and mostly because I feel like if I can't have these days of enjoyment I should just shoot myself. The rest of the time I fall back to my tried and true reinforcements.

1)If you keep focusing on the food laying around the house, find something to keep yourself occupied. I like to remove myself from where the demon food is and either workout, read, or play around on the computer. Anything to distract myself.

2)If you live with someone who brings in food that causes you to want to dive off the deep end, ask them to keep said foods in a place out of plain sight. Out of sight is often out of mind. It's walking past it and having that bag of chips stare at you that will push you off the deep end.

3.)Never let yourself get too hungry! The hungrier you are the worse your judgement gets. If you have to wait for you next meal find something healthy to snack on so you don't overdo it when you can sit down and eat. Junk food will seem like the easiet choice when you are starving. And others will have an easier time persuading you to make bad eating decisions as well.

4.)Don't let the scale rule your life!!! I am horrible about weighing myself in too often and the worst thing in the world is working your butt off and seeing no change (or gaining weight). This will push me to want to throw in the towel more than anything. I just try and talk myself out of drastic action (i.e. box of pastries) and try to figure out if there is anything I have done that could be attibuted to the poor result. Sometimes there is a good reason, sometimes you are just on a plateau and need to switch things up.

Sorry for being so long winded. Feel free to add any tips/tricks, ect that you do to keep on track. :)

#2 DowagerAtWork on 6 years ago

There is a motivational image somewhere about this very topic. It says something along the lines of giving up and binging because you had a treat is like saying "oh, I dropped my cell phone, might as well pick it up and keep throwing it on the ground until it smashes to bits". In other words, indulging a little isn't the same as totally falling off the wagon.

Maybe good for people to keep in mind, so they don't feel anxious about food.

In my case, though I'm not overweight, I do tend to completely consume junk when it's in front of me. So, sometimes I try to have a couple of bites of a treat, pause, and calm down a bit, as opposed to just eating until it's all gone. Typically, I'll end up giving the rest of the snack to somebody else, and not end up feeling sick.