Anime USA Schedule and Photoshoots I Found

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#1 ThatDragonGal on 6 years ago

There is the schedule for the con with panels, workshops and events.

Here is what I found for photoshoots (if anything is missing or has changed, let me know). I'm only posting this in here as well because I have not noticed anyone else updating any sort of photoshoot list.


Teahouse/Starfighter: 12pm; Meet in main lobby
American Comic books: 1 pm; Main lobby
Homestuck: 1:30pm; outside near lobby
Naruto: 2pm, Meet in lobby
Hetalia: 3pm, outside garden
Final Fantasy: 3:30pm; meet in lobby
Bleach: 5pm; Meet in the main lobby
Resident Evil: 5pm; Meet in lobby

American Comic books: 12pm; Main lobby
Resident Evil: 1pm; Meet in lobby
Hetalia: 1-2pm; Outside front garden
Final Fantasy: 1:30pm; meet in lobby
Pokemon: 2pm; Meet in lobby
Bleach: 3pm; Meet in main lobby
Naruto: 3:30pm; Meet in lobby
Devil May Cry: 4pm; Main lobby
Homestuck: 5pm; outside near lobby
MLP:FIM: 5pm; Meet in lobby

Homestuck: 1pm; outside near lobby

#2 ThatDragonGal on 6 years ago

Enjoy the con.

#3 xx___envious on 6 years ago

I think that's the same list I have and yay! I'm so excited ^.^ (this should be stickied since the stickied isn't updated)

#4 ThatDragonGal on 6 years ago

It's probably too late now. XD

Just added one last photogathering.

#5 lulu.doll on 6 years ago

Pfft, looks like no one wants to wake up before 12 haha