Chii cosplay helpppp!!

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#1 hyrulessavior on 6 years ago

Chobits Chii cosplay help please :)
Hello ^3^ I currently am going to cosplay chii from chobits in the pink dress with the big bow in the back but I do not know what type of shoes would go best with it D: please comment thanks also I am having trouble achieving the make up so if anyone has tips also please comment. Thanks -Barbara-chan
See you at Anime Matsuri comment if you're going as well

#2 benihime on 6 years ago

reference photo? i'm not sure which one you're talking about...but my guess would be lolita type shoes or flat pink shoes to go along with it

#3 AGarmentOfWings on 6 years ago

Is this the one you're talking about ([URL=""]found this in a quick image search[/URL])?

benihime's suggestion is a good one, but if you have trouble finding shoes in a matching pink (and aren't comfortable dyeing or painting them), white or cream (basically a pale neutral that wont clash or compete with the dress) would look good, too.

Since she's barefoot in the picture, you might also consider sandals with thin straps (gives an almost barefoot look while still protecting your feet).

#4 hyrulessavior on 6 years ago

Yes it is that costume from the picture c: pink or white? Sounds good and so my search for the shoes begins! Thanks AGarmentOfWings and benihime :) do you have any suggestions on the make up I'm having so much difficulty with it:/

#5 benihime on 6 years ago

just go to youtube, type in "cosplay makeup tutorial" or "kawaii makeup tutorial" and you'll find hundreds...find one you like and follow it. that's how I learned :)

#6 Boreotheria on 6 years ago

[URL=""]There's a convo[/URL] in the Makeup and Contacts forum about Chii makeup, specifically aiming for a perfect porcelain-doll/android complexion. ;)

And good luck with that dress. I'd go for pink ballet flats, maybe with ribbons up the calves. I looked in the manga but she's not wearing shoes with that dress there either.