League of Legends Gathering 2013

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#1 Kohalu on 6 years ago

League of Legends Cosplayers group [URL="http://www.facebook.com/groups/LeagueCosplayers/"]here[/URL].

This thread is to discuss the League of Legends Gathering at Anime LA 2013. Gathering time and location TBA soon.

What are you planning to go as?

#2 Kohalu on 6 years ago

The overwhelming majority says Saturday at 3PM.

#3 (GG)Nami_Misaki on 6 years ago

I'm cool with the majority rule. I'll be attending as Nightraven Fiora. -thumbs up-

#4 cloudyheaven on 6 years ago

ill be attending as battle bunny riven! <3

#5 stickykill on 6 years ago

Brolaf, on his way!

#6 DemonicAura on 6 years ago

Not yet sure if I will be able to attend the con yet do to a weird and monthly generated work schedule, but I am working on a Male Lux based on the newest splash art.

SAT at 3pm it is
I love it when a plan comes together.

#7 nitemare1004 on 6 years ago

if all goes to plan, i hope to be there

#8 Shivaness on 6 years ago

:D Ezreal here!

#9 (GG)Nami_Misaki on 6 years ago

bumping up this thread.

#10 VioletCobra on 6 years ago

Will be there. Probably as Karma, or possibly as... someone else. ;-)

#11 Captain Teemo on 6 years ago

I'm going to be a female Veigar based on this fanart: [url]http://d.asset.soup.io/asset/2476/9565_da1a_500.jpeg[/url] :D

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