Set Sail! One Piece

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#16 VampireSin on 6 years ago

How's everyone's preparations going? I've got alot to do myself. Doflamingo needs a new pair of glasses.. his last ones broke at otakon.

#17 teoka on 6 years ago

Jewelry Bonney, reporting for boozing!

#18 Uerria on 6 years ago

Trying to decide on just one OP (lol one one piece) cosplay to bring, and I'm leaning towards Hancock, but Robin's all done but Hancock just needs the dress. D: Decisions, decisions.

#19 ChibiMai on 6 years ago

I'm working on a Boa Hancock in the red 2 piece she 1st shows up in.

#20 DeltaRee on 6 years ago

If everything goes well, I'll be cosplaying as Timeskip!Perona on either Friday or Saturday! ^_^

#21 VampireSin on 6 years ago

@teoka - Yay Bonny~ I'll be hosting the Friday shoot as Law. SuperNovas go!

@Uerria - Least you have Robin all done, if Hancock doesn't get done in time.

@DeltaRee - My friend is doing Mihawk saturday, she'll be thrilled to have a Perona

#22 LeRoux on 6 years ago

Awesome! This year I can make the One Piece shoots! Hopefully Friday my boyfriend and I will be Aokiji and Enies Lobby! Robin, then Saturday my friends HOPEFULLY will be the Impel Down trio, Mr. 3, Buggy and Luffy, myself as Luffy :3

#23 dannylam4 on 6 years ago

I always get Aokiji and Akainu mixed up @[email protected] If there was an Akainu, I'd bring my Ace XD

#24 VampireSin on 6 years ago

@LeRoux - The impel down trio sounds like fun to see. I rather enjoyed Luffy and Buggy derping around in the prison.

@Danny- Your just too lazy to come get your Whitebeard tattoo painted on.

#25 Malindachan on 6 years ago

I'm working on getting Time Skip Nami done! I'll try to make it to the gathering Saturday if scheduling works out. :3

#26 DeltaRee on 6 years ago

@VampireSin: That's great! I've settled on wearing One Piece on Saturday, so I'll most likely make it to the Saturday shoot.

#27 Giullare on 6 years ago

Perona on Saturday? Yes. Mihawk approves of this. >u>

#28 dannylam4 on 6 years ago

I AM LAZY! XD I also hate asking people to do it for me ;.; If I could paint my own back, I would

#29 Giullare on 6 years ago

Yes Danny, that's why I painted your back at six in the morning so you could go to Anime Chess on time at ~stares at~

#30 dannylam4 on 6 years ago

XD I know <3 but I still don't like asking /).(\