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#1 VampireSin on 6 years ago

Ladies and Gentleman, Pirates, Marines and Nakama, It's about time we One Piece fans start planning for Katsucon!

It is I, Grimmkitty [also known as VampireSin], putting out the call to begin organizing the OP photoshoots and gatherings. That said, I wouldn't mind a helping hand with running it, so if any of you are committed and capable of assisting me [and have experience], give me a shout.

I'd like to plan two shoots, a Friday and a Saturday shoot. We should begin suggesting times and spots immediately, before everything is picked over and we're left with limited choices. Roughly, I'd like to pick the same time and place for each day to avoid confusion.

[CENTER]Friday: 4pm, Across from the Gazebo, Marble Doors
Saturday: 4pm, Across from the Gazebo, Marble Doors [/CENTER]

On a separate note, is there anyone familiar with the area that knows the bars? I wanted to suggest an OP group outing for those of us old enough who may want to grab a drink and socialize with our fellow OP cosplayers. What's better then Pirates and Marines sharing a drink together to bury the hatchet?

#2 Giullare on 6 years ago

[FONT="Franklin Gothic Medium"]
Mihawk, Brook, and Monkey D Dragon here. No idea which day for what, but I'll be in O.P. regardless...but you know that already.

#3 NatureMade on 6 years ago

Still working on Finishing Luffy - Goku Style. This should be done by the time Katsu rolls around, otherwise I think I may have to slay someone @[email protected];

#4 ChristaJean on 6 years ago

I'm down for that, sounds like fun. I come with Bepo!

#5 SongInTheStorm on 6 years ago

Fem-Shanks reporting for alcohol!

#6 Giullare on 6 years ago

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Before you even ask, yes I will drink with you.

#7 SongInTheStorm on 6 years ago


| | | |=
| | | | |
| | | | |
| | | |=

^^^ my attempt at a beer mug lol

#8 Ichigogami on 6 years ago

Totally up for this, Sanji and I will be all for it, Depending on the time...I'm helping staff something at con so let us know what the battle plans are

#9 Uerria on 6 years ago


I wasn't planning on bringing an OP cosplay, but I might change my mind now... Even if I don't, I'll likely come just to take pictures and socialize. ^^

I may bring Fishman Island!Robin or Fem!Luffy.
Marineford!Hancock may be a choice too if I finish it... @[email protected];

#10 starexorcist on 6 years ago

Lily from the most recent episode and ALSO possible Red crimin bra Nami.
(ready to freeze in both) haha
I'll ask around about bars in the area
I think grabbing a good midday time would be best of One Piece pictures. The hill in the back of the center would be good for a spot :>

#11 starexorcist on 6 years ago

I'll be doing Lilly the Glutton from the most recent filler arc (aka best filler arc already <3)
I'm possibly also going to do Nami from the end of the Fishman Island arc. (the red crimin top)

#12 VampireSin on 6 years ago

Ladies and Gents, I've gone ahead and booked us 4pm friday and sat, Up in the Gazebo area. The marble doors acrossed from the Gazebo itself.

I wanted to make sure we got a decent time slot.

#13 Capie on 6 years ago

<---- Time skip Nami :D

#14 dannylam4 on 6 years ago

Jumping Point Choppah~

#15 Uerria on 6 years ago

So, I'm definitely bringing Marineford Hancock and Fishman Island Robin. One of my friends is doing pre-timeskip Perona and Fishman Island Nami.

And then we have timeskip Luffy and Usopp. :)