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#1 heeroyuy135 on 10 years ago


Missing the maid cafe already and looking to do something on Days 2 and 3? Well, you're in luck.

Welcome to the SoCal Host Club Informational Panel and Main Event thread! We are hosting this panel to spread the word about this newly started Ouran-style Host Club! We will be putting on a presentation that will outline who we are, what we exactly do, our current & future plans, and information on how to join us! We will be also raffling off prizes at the end of the panel, and they include:

[*]Grand Prize: The complete Ouran High School Host Club DVD Boxset autographed by Vic Mignogna.
[*]First Prize: A VIP Host Club experience unlike any other: towards the end of the session at the Main Event, we will clear everyone out and only allow the winner plus a friend to enter the Host Club Main Event in which they will be hosted by ALL.
[*]Second Prize: A Ouran High School Host Club Wallscroll.

We will be passing out raffle tickets at the door throughout the panel, so stop on by, take a second to listen, and you might win something!

Then we have the Main Event on Saturday, where we put on our shoes and dig into the roles of the Ouran Hosts for your pleasure! Come on by and be hosted by the full cast! We will only have an hour to do all of this, so come early!

The panel will be on Friday from 1:30 to 2:20pm and the Main Event will be on Saturday from 1 to 1:50pm. Both will be at the same location: LP3, LACC 515A.

We hope to see you all at Anime Expo 2010!

#2 kachie_1 on 10 years ago

Eek! This sounds really fun!! x3 How many Hosts will there be?

#3 animegamer057 on 10 years ago

I won't be able to attend the panel on Friday due to the Megumi Nakajima & May'n concert @ 1 PM.

However, I really want to take part in the Host Club Main Event. I'm a long time Mori-sempai cosplayer and I feel bad for missing out on the panel.

My question is: If we can't make it to the panel, can we still take part in the main event? Will we still get the information if we can talk to your group @ the con or can we get it online?

P.S. BTW, I think I emailed you earlier about this heeroyuy135. Zanney did a good job of telling me what you guys did, but I would like more information and details about the main event itself and how we cosplayers take part. <("<)

#4 ShyVampireMomo on 10 years ago

Sound like a lot of fun!
Will you have to pay? Because I went to an ouran host club at another con and I had to pay. It was so much fun >w

#5 heeroyuy135 on 10 years ago

You don't have to pay here :)

#6 ShyVampireMomo on 10 years ago

okay then thanks.
Imma try to go to check it out if i don't have a gatherring to get to at that time

#7 heeroyuy135 on 10 years ago

"'GET HYPE FOR AX!' Week" bump

#8 Hyren on 10 years ago

Edit - Probably will still be there, ignore the rest of what was in my post.