Persona 3 or 4 at CNA '09?

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#1 Rinda-Rinda on 9 years ago


All users in blue are possibilities (haven't confirmed yet).

Rock-ee - Minato/MC
Chobrat - Akihiko Sanada

Rinda-Rinda - Naoto (winter uniform - sorry guys, no Teddie this time)
Harry_Ord - Souji/MC
SaikyouKira - Yosuke (Winter uniform)
TLSHIN - Yosuke
mizukagami - crossdress!Yosuke or Naoto
palpable - Rise (summer uniform)
nicki_013 - Chie
Karlee-bum - Chie (summer uniform)
cc_geass - Yukiko (winter uniform)
Fire_ofthe_Dawn - Nanako
Hugin - Yukiko (winter uniform)
Rawrchu - Yosuke (winter uniform OR summer uniform)
honeysaliva - Chie (summer uniform)
Crimson Firefly - Yosuke (Junes wear)
Crimon Firefly's...friend! - Human Kuma (Junes wear)

It would appear that a Persona meetup will be both on Friday AND Saturday.

[U]Friday - Crepes![/U]
We're meeting at the TCC's Turtle Room for 6PM then moving on to Crepe Cafe once everyone's arrived for a casual dinner/hang-out.
If anyone wishes to head straight there, here's the address (thanks SaikyouKira):
Cafe Crepe
246 Queen St. W
And just in case, a map of how to get there from the TCC is [URL=""]here[/URL]

[U]Saturday - PICTURES![/U]
Actual photoshoot. We're meeting up for 11:30 AM in the Turtle Room then moving on to other locations around the area.
Apparently it's supposed to rain that weekend. Let's hope it doesn't D:

If anyone has any props/TVs/anything P4 related that they could bring along to the photoshoot on Saturday, please do!

Also, be sure to spread the word of the photoshoot to any other Persona cosplayers that you guys might see beforehand!

#2 Harry_Ord on 9 years ago

Strongly considering Souji, though I've got a long list of plans ahead of me
If I can get it done on time then definitely ^_^

#3 Rock-e on 9 years ago

Probably me as Minato and my friend as Yosuke again! I love my costume too much, I miss wearing it :(

#4 SaikyouKira on 9 years ago

[QUOTE=Rock-e;2970522]Probably me as Minato and my friend as Yosuke again! I love my costume too much, I miss wearing it :([/QUOTE]

Ditto that. I'm so down for another chance at doing Yosuke again and a possibility for another Persona photoshoot!

#5 Rinda-Rinda on 9 years ago

If I go I'll probably be either Naoto or Shadow!Naoto for the weekend. I've already got the lab coat, so it'll probably be Shadow!Naoto D:

#6 **Scion** on 9 years ago

I will be there as Konohana Sakuya from Persona 4 ^^

#7 Rock-e on 9 years ago

[QUOTE=SaikyouKira;2973182]Ditto that. I'm so down for another chance at doing Yosuke again and a possibility for another Persona photoshoot![/QUOTE]

You better be down! >_>

#8 Brita_Lee on 9 years ago

I'm in! Cosplaying from Persona is oodles of fun! =D

#9 TLSHIN on 9 years ago

A group of friends of mine are doing P4 cosplay, they are gonna need a Yosuke so I might be filling the spot.

#10 SaikyouKira on 9 years ago

LOL!! That kinda reminds me, I DID see a crossdressed Souji and Yousuke at AN but I didn't get a pic of them...and I really regret not getting their pics. And it also reminds me that this time, for P4, we need a gas bar attendant, and for Persona in general, we need an IGOR!!! What's Persona without Igor?!

#11 Rinda-Rinda on 9 years ago

Oh hoho!

Well, CNAnime will be more downtown-oriented, so I guess we could easily harass any gas station attendants around the area. And if we have any Soujis, we can try to get some pictures of them shaking hands, heh. And if not, then we can still get some pretty sweet shots just in general around the con area.

Ya know, I've never seen an Igor. Ever. It would be pretty damn sweet if there was one at a con one day D:

And, instead of Shadow!Naoto I might just do normal Naoto. School uniform. That way I can play detective all weekend. Hell, if I have enough time and money, I might do Naoto's actual shadow for CNA this year instead of AN '10.

Oh, and since a bunch of us are doing Persona 4 at Otakuthon here in Montreal, one of the friends I might be going to CNA with (IF we go) said she wouldn't mind doing Persona 4 (Yukiko) since she'll have the costume anyways (Otakuthon is a couple of weeks before CNA, I believe).

#12 Brita_Lee on 9 years ago

The Gas Station attendant. XD Nice. I wouldn't mind cosplaying him...ponderrrrr.

#13 palpable on 9 years ago

AAAAAYOOOOO! I'm Emmy, the Rise who was at the photoshoot on the saturday! Hey guys : ) how are you?

I'll be going as Rise again for FanExpo (that's the same thing as CNAnime, right? : D), but this time with more summer uniform, because jaysus, i was dying in the heat at AN. Why the hell does Rise wear a turtleneck under her uniform, honestly awelkajwlkej. But I look forward to this shoot! <3 I think that I also have a summer uniform!Chie and summer uniform!Yukiko joining me, as well.

I'll keep you guys updated <3<3 :)

#14 SaikyouKira on 9 years ago

Hey, Rise! *puts another face to a (virtual) name* Haha, for some reason, your natural personality comes off as if you were actually Rise!

Looking forward to seeing you again!! And that is a good question: Considering October (in the game and in general there) is still pretty warm...why does she wear a turtleneck?!

#15 palpable on 9 years ago

Hey there dear :) ahahha yes, which is why i love Rise so much, she's just. So happy and cute alwekjlqw. :') so thank you, that's truly a compliment!

I seriously have no idea, she even wears a turtleneck when she works at Marukyu tofu. FFFF RISE WHY U CRAZY GURL :( but thankfully there will be no turtleneck at FX, summer uniforms ftw!