Anime Conji Panel; MLP: Panels are magic! panel info+auditions and cast

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#1 Corrupted-Data on 7 years ago

facebook event page here!
So i am one of the admins of the MLP panel for anime conji, and we're looking for qualified ponies to take part. We need the 6 main ponies and then we will accept others once we have one audition per. main pony wich will be shown below with an *. i will answer any questions at all and any pony is allowed to audition for however many rolls they wish~! See you all at the San Deigo Anime Conji~! :D

main pony auditions so far:

Twilight Sparkle

Apple Jack

Flutter Shy *

Rarity *

Rainbow Dash

Pinky Pie

#2 AuroraKaganshik on 6 years ago

if i didn't already work through out the entire con i would so do rarity for you.