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#16 Tealeafy on 8 years ago

@[U]Drackt[/U]: Thanks for the link to your tutorial.

@[U]Musicalpencil[/U]: I was thinking the same thing. I'm so used to Maleficent's Disney design (which terrified me as a kid) that I really fell in love with her design on the show. But I agree -- not crazy about her weird horn-crown-thing.

@[U]moonflower.[/U]: Let it happen! Embrace it! XD

#17 lisaspieces on 8 years ago

I'm definitely wanting to do the Evil Queen, even though Maleficent looks easier to make.

#18 moonflower. on 8 years ago

Already started working on snow white's rogue outfit. So excited for it to be finished!!

#19 moonflower. on 8 years ago

Ordered a wig and bookmarked halfchaps, and then found some leather for the vest that I'm looking into. So excited

#20 moonflower. on 8 years ago

I totally just bought the anthropologie dress for Mary Margaret XD

#21 moonflower. on 8 years ago

[url]http://p.twimg.com/AfXR2grCAAAxcU-.jpg[/url] woohoo! got my dress.

also other people need to post so i'm not trippleposting XD

#22 lisaspieces on 8 years ago

The rogue outfit would be so fun to make. Are you going to be at Ohayocon?

#23 ShadowDrac on 8 years ago

^ Agreeing on the rogue outfit. I feel in total love with it when I saw that episode.

I'm glad I'm not one who wants to cosplay from this show! XD I love it so far. I've never been sucked in by a series before. I'm doomed.

#24 moonflower. on 8 years ago

[QUOTE=lisaspieces;4206613]The rogue outfit would be so fun to make. Are you going to be at Ohayocon?[/QUOTE]

everyone keeps telling me i need to, but it's kind of last minute so I don't think I am. I wish i could though.

#25 ravenmist on 8 years ago

I'm working on a couple MMB outfits, too. Not too many, but enough for some photoshoots.
A friend and I recently when to Steveston in BC, Canada where the film some of Once Upon a Time and took some photos. But it was soooo cold and wearing a dress and a super thing cardigan was not smart so I didn't get very many pictures. However, it was so much fun and I can't wait to go back.

#26 AmoreMiAmor on 8 years ago

I'm planning to watch this show? is it good? I've watched the trailer and it's kind of fascinating, i like their costumes:D

maybe i'll just finish american horror story first before watching this show.. lol

#27 moonflower. on 8 years ago

[url]http://once-wardrobe.livejournal.com/1415.html[/url] I started a list of Mary Margaret Costume pieces IDs. ^^

#28 Drackt on 8 years ago

Fortunately, I've received a Jo-Ann gift card for Christmas, and I'm playing with the idea of starting [URL="http://beta.abc.go.com/shows/once-upon-a-time/photos/themed-galleries/behind-the-scenes/_m_OUT107BTS014"]'Alchemist' Rumpel[/URL]...not something I'm rushing to do, but still, can't wait to do it. :)

#29 ItalianPeach on 8 years ago

<3 This show! I plan on Cinderella. I'm not sure which outfit yet. I loved all of them, included Ashley's (I have this weird thing where I really want a pregnant costumes...) I also really like Ruby's get-up. Though she may be a little to pale for me...

#30 Musicalpencil on 8 years ago

After seeing the Evil Queen suddenly get a whole splurge of new outfits, I officially want to do the her. But I'm not sure which one(s) to do; I want them all!

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