Announcement: AM2 2012 Dates!

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#1 ElCapitan on 7 years ago

#2 Simmaria on 7 years ago

Awesome. Love the dates myself.

#3 animejunkie on 7 years ago

Awesome...I will definitely be there for at least one day now that this con isn't on the same weekend as AX; I can't wait!

#4 Toreadork on 7 years ago

So glad it isn't the same weekend as AX, I really wanted to go this past year, but AX was my priority. I'm going at least two of the days since I should probably spend Father's Day at home. xD

#5 LelouchYamazaki on 7 years ago

Nice dates, time to start managing my schedules for summer 2012 already lol.

I do hope to see some awesome guests again this year since everyone has a better chance of seeing what they want.

I only imagine this growing now since its between Fanime and AX

#6 Avatar Alvaang on 7 years ago

Why did they pick fathers day weekend...not bad for ppl who are local but I live in nor Cal and I wont be able to make it most likely.

@cons don't share same dates with family holidays

#7 Eurobeat King on 7 years ago

[QUOTE=Avatar Alvaang;4137272]@cons don't share same dates with family holidays[/QUOTE]

Father's Day isn't really a holiday.. :thumbsup:

And almost any holiday can be shared with family and conventions can still be scheduled on those dates: SakuraCon is on Easter, Fanime is on Memorial Day, Dragon*Con is on Labor Day, AX (this year) was on 4th of July, etc.

AM2 picked the best date that they could that isn't too soon after Fanime, and isn't too soon before AX.

#8 Access on 7 years ago

Yeah all things considered I don't think it's a bad date. I doubt you'll see any actual complaints about it. Also PMX is on Veteran's day weekend, Anime Conji and Wondercon are on Saint Patrick's Day weekend; it's almost the norm for cons around here to be on the same day as _something_.

#9 sicdedman on 7 years ago

I like the Date for AM2 2 weeks before AX it's awesome!

I always get a Hotel for AX because it is almost 2 hours driving each way from me.
but for AM2 it's only an Hour each way from me so i can handle that drive everyday back and forth.

I can see what (Avatar Alvaang) is saying bout Sharing FATHER's DAY with Con. tech it is not a Holiday (BUT) it is a Day where you hang out with Dad go to dinner give gift ect.ect.
but i don't see why not to have the CON on Father's day.
Thanksgiving is a Holiday yet people go to the NFL game. or same with Hockey sometimes there is Hockey games on Christmas.

AM2 will be here again before we know it!

I think i will Cosplay as a Fathers Day Card!

#10 Waifu Beam on 7 years ago

I do like the dates they chose. That means my friends and I can go there and check it out, and still go to AX. :'3

#11 LelouchYamazaki on 7 years ago

im use to cons being held during holidays, almost all cons tend to be held on 3 day weekends all over so its a norm.

I love my dad and he knows it but Im usually out and around anyway especially since I'll be home for 4th of July next year for the family BBQ rather than tired or at AX. '

AM2 just gives more con options since its Fanime, AM2 then AX followed by Comic Con

#12 shadowdragon13 on 7 years ago

I'm considering going to this con next year since it's not on the same weekend as AX. :D

#13 hachiko27 on 7 years ago

I'm going for sure. I even paid for the three day badge just to experience all the stuff that isn't free.

#14 Resident-chick on 7 years ago

Lol,Long Beach Comic Con was on hallowen owo

#15 LelouchYamazaki on 7 years ago

This year is a pretty god year for con goers with money. Fanime, Am2, AX and Comic Con are about 2 weeks apart (expect for Fanime which is 4 weeks before AM2).

Alot of cons not too close together but offers different guests and experiences