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#1 lisalithium on 3 years ago

I have a Sans cosplay idea that has been met with backlash from a lot of my friends. They all say that no one will get it, so I wanted to ask the community what they thought about it before I proceed with the proper purchases. Please note that I am a female but I want everyone to think I am a male only for the purpose of the cosplay. I'm 5'1", which is short for a female but VERY short for a male and I think it will add to it. Anyways, it's a regular Sans cosplay, with the blue jacket, white shirt, black basketball shorts, skeleton gloves and tights, but instead of slippers I will be using black and white converse. I'll also add a red scarf to signal that Papyrus was killed by the player. Now for the controversial part. In order to pass as male, I will need to cover my whole head. Because I am lazy and because Sans' head looks like a stormtrooper helmet to me, I want to add a stormtrooper helmet to the costume. The helmet style I want to use is from episode 7, for reference. The eyes of the helmet I'm thinking of getting are either black mesh, or clear plastic under black mesh. either way, I plan on putting a blue eye onto the left side.

So there you have it. What does everyone think? This is for Anime Expo in July.

#2 Milky Bubbles on 3 years ago

Well, your idea is definitely an interesting one!
Though, with the Stormtrooper helmet, I think people would assume you were doing some kind of strange crossover-type of situation.

Have you considered following [URL="https://squigglydigg.tumblr.com/post/131046960287/alright-no-no-i-see-you-used-two-trick-or-treat"]this tutorial[/URL] for the head? There is also a continuation of the tutorial [URL="http://attackgoose.deviantart.com/art/Sans-Mask-Tutorial-575410068"]here[/URL]!

I think the helmet of a Stormtrooper would be really...off-putting with the rest of your costume.
I wouldn't want you to go through all of the effort of putting the costume together for you to only have to explain to people that you're wearing a Stormtrooper helmet because you thought Sans's head resembles the look of the helmet from the newest movie.
Like, you would look like Sans from the neck down and then BAM, you'd have a Star Wars Stormtrooper helmet on...

The tutorial I linked is very cheap and since your convention is in July, I think that gives you a great amount of time to figure things out!

Good luck with everything and let us know what you end up doing!

#3 Scunosi on 3 years ago

I've got to agree with your friends and Milky and say this isn't the best idea. Especially since your con isn't until July, this is an incredibly lazy (your words) way to avoid making something.

The problem is Stormtrooper helmets are incredibly iconic and looking it up really don't look anything like his head other than "white with black", so even with a paint job at best you'll look like "Sans as a Stormtrooper" and at worst people will just think you're some Stormtrooper OC with a scarf. Pretty sure crossover Stormtrooper/Star Wars cosplays are already common enough people would assume that's what you're doing. Plus since the scarf is more of an AU design it'll only push you further from recognizability. Really the only benefit I could see to using the Stormtrooper helmet would be if you just used it as a base and built it up into the correct shape rather than just gluing eyes onto it. If you're really averse to making things yourself this is the route I'd go as it'll take most of the building steps out for you.

If you're up to making something better and more accurate, you can go with any of the mask or bucket tutorials out there, or you can do what I did and build a head fursuit-style. Once I get the photos from my boyfriend I can post some pics to show you. It was the first time I'd ever done it and it took me just a few weeks, and that's with a full-time job. It'll look way better and hide your head just as well if not better as you can customize it to have more room inside.

And personally I think you being shorter will be a boon since most people see Sans as being fairly short compared to the other characters. If you're really worried about people thinking your female just try a sports bra, everything else should be baggy on you anyway if you're matching his clothes.

#4 plushrush on 3 years ago

I'm going to have to agree with the others and say that idea sounds too confusing. But! Even making a mask shouldn't be too hard. I'm using a tutorial right now that seems to be working perfectly for me.


All you need for construction is a base cheap mask, some paper mache (you can use newspaper and flour/water) and paperclay which is cheap (around $10 usd, but if you have a Michael's in your area you might be able to use a coupon). I'm almost done basic contruction and I've only been working on it off and on for two days! Just a thought :)

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