Help -trying to cosplay Doctor Who- - Sisterhood of Karn.

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#1 George White on 2 years ago

BIzarrely, I have decided to cosplay as a member of the SIsterhood of Karn for an upcoming con in Kerry.

i was thinking of going for the look here, the background ones.

I am quite large, 16 stone and would need to lose some weight.
Any dresses online, similar?
Has anyone cosplayed the Sisterhood before here?

#2 grell titan on 2 years ago

are you talking brain of morbius or how they are costumed in the paul mc ghan short

#3 George White on 2 years ago

McGann short, backing extras not Ohica, although really a sort of mix, but mostly the McGann short [IMG][/IMG]

#4 grell titan on 2 years ago

i would wear a red gown with a hood if you can find a long red wig unfortunetly iam not good at the materials just the basics sorry i really wish i had a better idea for you :(