Momocon 2017 (Atlanta, GA)

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#1 ChosenOfKagami on 2 years ago

[CENTER]I haven't seen any threads for this year's Momocon!
(Please correct me if there's already a thread out there! I could only find ones from previous years. ;; )

General Information:
May 25th - 28th, 2017
OMNI ATLANTA 190 MARIETTA ST NW ATLANTA, GA 30303 (Georgia World Congress Center and Omni Hotel)

Who else is planning on going? And what do you plan on cosplaying?[/CENTER]

#2 ChosenOfKagami on 2 years ago

I've got 3 Haikyuu!! cosplays planned (Kenma, Akaashi, & Semi), but I have no idea how many days I'll actually be attending the convention at the moment!

#3 AkiJudaichan on 2 years ago

I'm planning to do Yubel from Yugioh GX if I get her done in time and I'm also planning to cosplay Victor from Yuri on Ice.

#4 Honey Lemon on 2 years ago

Hi!! I am looking to fill my room at the The Hilton Garden Inn (Atlanta Downtown). It's $165 for Thursday-Sunday. Please PM me, if you'd like more info! <3 Thank youuu!