Suggestions on Print Companies? (For printed photos!)

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#1 Dragonsfire867 on 2 years ago

Hi everyone!

I'm looking into getting some prints of my more recent cosplays (none of which are on here, sadly), and I'd love to know if you guys have recommendations on print shops or companies that have good prices and reliable service!


#2 gypsy_girl on 2 years ago

I would start with photography and business support companies. Places like Staples does do print work in a timely manner and I think their prices are okay.

#3 walkerofdarknes on 2 years ago

Yeah, Staples, Walmart, CVS are all good choices for getting prints made. Most of them even have the option to email your prints in and they get it done before you get there. I know when I worked at a photo studio, we had an option for "Bring Your Own Photos" and we'd run prints (because some of our better packages included framed art, we could do some nifty color effects with our editing software), so you might also try JcPenny's (it's weird to say it, but worth checking out).