Halp! I did a huge blunder yesterday!

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#1 Emi Hana on 1 year ago

Okay, yesterday wasn't good diet-wise. I was prepping to go to the gym when I realized that I hadn't even touched my 64 oz. So, in a mad rush to get my water quota, I downed my 64 oz in one setting.

Then, after I downed the water, I became dizzy and light-headed. I was literally stumbling around while everyone / everything was spinning. So, the gym was out of the question.

After a nurse advised me to rest, I then had a salt craving. So I went over my calorie count buy going for some of the saltiest food I could get my hands on - salty seaweed snacks and a mad dash to the local mart to get potato chips - which I rarely eat. After the sodium splurge, I went to bed. This morning I woke up, and I grabbed a Gatorade from the mart.

What I think happened is that because I've reduced my salt intake, I basically flushed out what salt I had in my system. Hence the craving for salty foods and the Gatorade. I have decided to put the gym on hold until next Monday - to completely recover - but besides spacing out when I drink water, is there any other advice to get back to 100%? :bigcry:

#2 Dictamnus Albus on 1 year ago

instead of gatorade, go for pedialyte
pedialyte was created for hydrating people (typically kids) who are dehydrated from illness
(vomiting and diarhea)

sportsdrink contains added sugars, carbs, that you may not need or want contributing to your dieting values

the important differance here is that your swapping out the carb value form sportdrink
to the sodium value in pedialyte

if youve been keping a food diary, consult that, and see if you can spot any other
missing vitamin/minerals

try your best not to binge somthing, or "punish" yourself for a slip in dieting
just refine your accepable items list to include whatever vitals you find lacking
and if nessescary, consult a nutritionist/dietition, to go over your diet and related lifestyle changes

also, id assume youd be well aware of it (if it were the case),
but if your consumming a particularly high amount of water for extended period,
you could get "water toxicity"

#3 Emi Hana on 1 year ago

@ Dictamnus Albus - Thanks so much for advice. I should probably buy a Pedialyte on Monday when I go grocery shopping, just in case. I also found out that I had also flushed out my body's sugar as well. Because the day after my salt craving, I wanted sugar, chocolate, and salt. This time, I ended up with Muddy Buddies - I normally wouldn't touch them as I try to get most of my sugar from frozen fruit - however, the sweet / salt kick got obeyed.

I'm fine and plan to sign up for most of my gym classes later today, but thanks for the Pedialyte information. I just need to buy one - to be sure I have something if this happens again.

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