A+ rated commissioner taking simple to mid level commissions for a $200 flat rate

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#1 skywalker23 on 1 year ago

I am now accepting simple to mid-level costume commissions for a flat rate of $200. These costumes will be made from uniform cloth, but if you want something better like synthetic leather or cotton, there will be an extra charge. Don't let the low price lead you to believe the quality will not be high. I have a perfect A+ rating in the commissioner review thread. My costumes are all made to the highest standard.
Please send me an email to [email][email protected][/email] with the following information:
-reference pictures
-parts you want to commission
You can find pictures of my previous costumes and props here:
and I have all A reviews in the commissioner review thread here:
If you check my reviews, you can be reassured that I am a trustworthy commissioner. I am also a highly experienced prop and armor maker. Please feel free to email me about prop and armor commissions, but keep in mind that these items can be expensive.

#2 walkerofdarknes on 1 year ago

At the risk of causing trouble, there's little you've provided so far to establish an "A+" rating. The links you've provided are all invalid. Your own profile page is blank, denying credibility. You don't even have your own finished commissions listed on your photos page, which would go far. And while I'm not prone to racial profiling, given the number of "established commissioners" who come from China and have been of poor quality if they deliver at all even on this site...well, that does kind of speak for itself.

I would also point out that a "simple" cosplay that costs $200 is decidedly overpriced, given a truly "simple" cosplay can be done with less than $30 in materials and maybe 5 hours of labor. Even if you assumed the minimum wage rate for the tailor of $7.25, then you're looking at a labor cost of $36.25, and a total cost (not including shipping) of $66.25. And you're wanting to include shipping, that's probably another $16.25 . So $82.50, and your markup is over 100%. So you may want to elaborate on what it is a person going to get for their money.

#3 skywalker23 on 1 year ago

Thank you so much for letting me know the links were not working. :) I have corrected them :) If you would like to see photos of my previous work, please use the imgur link. My reviews can be found in the commissioner review thread as well. Having a link that is not working does not automatically discredit my claim to have an A+ rating in the commissioner review thread as it is quite simple to find this thread in the forum. It's almost as simple as checking my profile to find my nationality and use that in an attempt to discredit me in a way that is actually racial profiling. As far as pricing, I do not think you can find many people who would custom make a full cosplay for less. If you were to make it yourself, then yes it would be about $60-80, but I am offering high quality, professionally and custom made cosplays. Furthermore, it takes much longer to create a high quality full costume than 5 hours. I also do not think many professional cosplay commissioner would be willing to work for the minimum wage rate given their level of talent and experience. So, thank you very much for letting me know about the incorrect links, but I think the rest of your comments would be best kept to yourself as they are not very accurate.

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