SDCC 2016 Cosplay montage

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#1 KublaiCon on 3 years ago

Hello guys,

I am new to the community and would like to put out cosplay content from all the Cons I get to attend. Here is some of the video I captured at SDCC 2016. I had tons of fun!:drunk: Hope you guys get to see yourselves in the video. Like, subscribe & comment so I can bring you guys more content! :D. Next stop is ComicCon Long Beach! Stay Tuned!


Thanks for watching! Let me know if you guys have any other Cons you would like to see. Enjoy!

#2 WCMorpheus on 3 years ago

That was great! Were you using a stabilizer? Your shots were all so smooth. I made a couple of videos from SDCC (and I recognized many of those characters in your video), but I was in costume during most of it, so my shots are kind of shaky. You can't carry a DSLR with a stabilizer while you have a costume on. I'll post the videos in this forum.