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#1 youngnozomi on 3 years ago

I know this isn't cosplay related but I have a pressing question about Otakon. I did send them an email just a bit ago but it said it might take a while before it's answered.

My panel idea was selected but I never received an email about how to register. I know it's been selected since it's on the schedule and panel list. It is my first time presenting at Otakon but I have presented at another convention before and received an email about how to pre-register.

So my question is to any other panelist at Otakon: do we need an email to pre-register? Do I and my two co-panelists just show our IDs in line and we get a badge and ribbon? Is there a separate line for us if so?

Thanks to anyone who can answer!

#2 Devkyu on 3 years ago

Check your e-mail. You would have received one labeled with something like "panels2016" around near the end of May.

In the e-mail would be badge coupon codes to register online with.

#3 youngnozomi on 3 years ago

Okay! Thanks for giving the timeframe too.

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